Ichiro: VW, pizza, sweeping, hanging #io

Yes, Ichiro loves snapshots (& VW busses & baths) And now he figures out that these little “pocket robots” capture pictures so he like to review all the pictures of him from baby time – with commentary.

VW bus captain of the future

I am amazed by him every day. i’m not sure how I got this lucky but I’m not gonna ask any questions.

He switched from baby to little man suddenly running top speed everywhere and helping out with the gardening, taking the trash to the corner, raking the yard, and figuring out words in both Japanese and English.

He brushes them every night (and now trying to figure out what it is that Papa does with flossing to try out as well.

And he loves sweeping and mopping… Will this continue into his teenage years? I’m not placing bets.

His favorite shirt made by brother/uncle Dan

He loved DIY pizza night!

Lounge wear for goodtimes

And looooves going to the (albeit rather underwhelming) local parks… In the shot he looks like he’s at a music fest waiting for the next band to come on to see if it’s worthwhile watching or if should just go get a snack instead (in reality, he was watching a baseball practice for the first time).

His other favorite shirt by brother/uncle Dan

He likes playing the drumset too & singing into the mic “mama daiji!” (Mom is an important treasure). Its all true.

Whatcha think?