Rev. Bob’s Fave Bar in Granada

A sunny afternoon here in Vancouver with me office-sequestered has me thinking about chillaxin’ with a beverage – maybe some random conversation with a stranger, a bit of a snack mayhaps.

When i look at this snapshot from my amigo, writer, scholar Bob Kezer (the Urantia Writer) i wanna pull up a barstool and read a bit of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “100 Years of Solitude” before a few games of backgammon.

I noted to the Rev that i wanna recreate this photo with us sitting on the stools! Perhaps replace the sleeping dog with a piglet and add herbal enhancements to the table goods. Sigh, … for now, i’ll dream of a relaxing afternoons while i whittle away the day …

Bob fave bar in Granada spain

Bob sez: my favorite bar in granada. no name I know of…call it 57 cause of the faded number above one of the doors. highest bar in the sacramonte…just keep going up and around the hill…gitano country.