Japanese Imperial Enthronement: primer / musings

Japanese Imperial Enthronement Primer <

Emperor Naruhito (era name: Reiwa) formally took the position May 1st in a brief ceremony after his father Heisei (formerly Akihito) formally abdicated his role as Japan’s 125th emperor. 

Today comes another ceremony – a formal enthronement – to be attended by some several hundred foreign dignitaries etc. etc. including a representative from South Korea, a neighbor with whom they share a lot of ummm… *challenging history* to say the least.

First, the Emperor and Empress Masako will visit 3 sacred sanctuaries to alert and Sun Goddess, their ancestors and umm… some other entities, of their intentions.

Then will formally sit upon the throne and offer up a speech to the assembled dignitaries and their country at large.

Originally there was motorcade planned to follow, but with last week’s typhoon, and the ensuing cleanup, the parade is pushed back until November, which means another day of various festivities to observe.

All of this is happening in Tokyo but, will be broadcast extensively including via the state-run broadcaster NHK.

Official announcement (English)

Official gov vid feed

Documentary about the new Emperor and ultra-charming wife, Masako

NHK World Live blog

Note: massive downpour in Tokyo – lovely day in Okayama

BBC’s PrimerBBC about sacred treasures

Mainichi: list of foreign dignitaries

Note: the whole scene looked like a Tintin book – so many cultures in their fanciest traditional outfits. Im no royalist but can get behind internationalizing & tradition.

Mainichi: photo re-cap

Mainichi banquet menu

Mainichi recap





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