QE2: notes re: endless duplication / over & done “London Bridge is down”

Sept 9, 9AM jst:

London Bridge, repeat London Bridge in down… after the codeword started at cavalcade of communications, back channels, telegrams to spark protocols which will outline choreography for A litany of arcane and vaguely mysterious (intentionally of course) procedures with various ceremonies, rights, processions and logistics in especially next 10 days, but beyond. 

A guardian “long reads” article:?London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death” I read a few years back In a bar in Malaysia (not that that matters) late it all out yet, watching today’s coverage, was surprised to see so many people fumbling for footage and talking about “all the footage we have in the archive that needs to be defrosted” I mean, really no excuse for that, 96 & post-c19.

Re: QE2, I wonder if she’s the most reproduced person in history including all the stamps, bank notes and coins, photographs, newspaper photos, personal photos, official portraits in offices and schools and hockey rinks etc.? The total is well into the billions or beyond. I haven’t got a calculator that big.

Other candidates: Gandhi, considering massive amount of banknotes circulating in India, but that didn’t start until after “independence“ and in 2016, common bank notes were recalled. Plus of course, those were seen in India only, not commonwealth. Lots of commemorative stamps for him but still not enough to bridge the gap.

So while the quantity of bills were spectacular, the longevity and multi-uses and global phenomenon of mass media and handy cameras certainly puts him on the back foot. Chairman Mao maybe? Or…

Definitely a lot of one dollar US bills made since then, especially if you add in all the counterfeit ones (not likekt used for illicit purposes but dor movie props…) Is he on coins? I can’t recall and how about stamps, definitely some stamps but again, missed out on the camera phones and mass produced newspaper heydays of the 1950s through the 90s.

(Trying to) also include photo of her sweet writing desk and I wonder how many writing desks did she utilize regularly? I mean that’s the *real* luxury after all / all that letterhead and so many fountain pens, envelopes for each castle/residence. I shiver at the prospects & possibilities.

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I think about all the effort (& expense) which went into changing official bank notes, stamps and portraits for Edward VIII for a reign which one was obviously very short-lived.

His family called him David but the country called him Edward 8, for a little while anyway

Friend D.S-C pointed out that Edward 8 coinage wasn’t minted because that process takes a little bit longer then bank notes, portraits and stamps and well, he’d abdicated before the mints were pressing.

Also pointed out how he acquired this lovely connection of George V and other unique/collectible bank notes under unusual circumstances (no no nothing fishy). Check it out:

Thanks Dave Stewart-Candy for this sweet collection

So many impressions of this silhouette and otherwise. No further commentary at this time, aside from what i’ve previously suggested: “if you make it past 78 with your marbles intact, you basically won life, the rest is bonus”

This album is “nice nice very nice, 10 year anniversary“ by Dan Mangan who you’ll find elsewhere in this archive

#AlwaysBeKind #NiceNiceVeryNice c/ @danmanganmusic

One more note: be on the lookout for the “Stone of Scone“ and whether it makes an appearance during the carnation which will come around in a year or so. Don’t know the significance or the story? Oh you’re in for a good one. Let’s just say it may very well be missing which will have significant significance for the people of Scotland.

Protocol Question: I attended Prince Charles elementary school (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) as a young lad… Do you think the name will be changed now? I’m just wondering if I need to update my LinkedIn profile and get my various science fair ribbons updated…

Whatcha think?