(Yet Another) Dave Olson

I keep tabs on all the other Dave Olson’s in the world.  There the Dave Olson the racecar driver, Dave Olson the Kelowna evangelist, Dave Olson the Bush loving recovered alcoholic, Dave Olson the fireman in Logan Utah and now Dave Olson the transmission mechanic in Placerville California.  Hi Dave, nice to meet ya!

Dave Olson – aka: The Old Hippie, since June 1995Dave came to us with a long automotive background, starting here as an R & R
Technician and working his way up to Transmission rebuilder. Dave is our
primary rebuilder for all the 2 & 3 speed automatics and he also maintains
the parts rooms making sure the parts used have all been reordered and put
away so that when you need something for a job its where it should be.

Whatcha think?