Agape for Agape / a few post-wedding notes #DRO420

Grateful for Love

Heart so incredibly filled with love as I piece together for the last 10 days of a pure whirlwind roller coaster of excitement, joy, friendship, community, and love love love!

Just so fcking happy (“way to go” i wanna say to self 5 years ago)

I have so very much to say about all of this including replying to each and every photo, comment, post, video etc… as well as sharing thanks with all those who brought such lovely and surprising gift (many/most of which we’ve yet to open).

With my body as it is, i’m in “recovery mode“ and frankly barely functioning but my head and heart are so tremendously happy.

Note: My incredible wife just walked in the door for a lunch break in her dirty work clothes and a giant smile. She is so beyond adorable!

I am so thrilled that this is now my regular ”life” – Indeed I never thought this happiness would be possible for me and yet, I’ve fallen into the most luxurious dream.

Today’s task is tidying all the artifacts from the wedding celebrations (yes, there were 3) to savor, document, and archive as needed.

Next up is a special tea ceremony in the garden for 藤田良子’s birthday on Sunday to kick off Golden Week during which I look forward to spending time with my new parents, writing thank you cards, watching the Emperor change, barbecue with the relatives, and preparing for our Japan honeymoon ramble on slow trains to visit old friends, remote hot springs, forgotten museums, scenic trains, and local markets.

An extra special thanks to the majestic crew of renegades who made long journeys to celebrate with us and lend their creative spirit into putting everything together, and to the local Japanese friends and relatives who welcomed them so sincerely and fondly.

Plus the food and beverage providers, musicians and MCs who made the Sunday shindig such a success, and the Shinto shrine and associated people who made Saturdays so incredibly special.

Cascadia + Setouchi friendship society ahoy!

In brief: Please note that each one of your kind gestures is well noted (hence the #DRO420 tags). Everything & everybody’s regards is/are gracefully appreciated and will be acknowledged and reciprocated forthwith.

Still, daveo, Tsuchida, Okayama

PS thanks for reminding me i deserve *all of this* – been through a lot the last few years and definitely shook my confidence and at times thought i’d never find happy again and then one day…