Thanks to Vendors and Helpers / Dave + Ryoko 4-20 Kekkon-shiki

Note: what follows is the information as was printed upon a sheet which was included in the gift bags as a way to support and thank the various vendors, suppliers, helpers and whatnot for the wedding and build their businesses by fostering community. (pdf attached for your convenience). 

For many of these sections (party, giftbag, shrine, pottery etc) there are additional posts and artifacts. As such, this isn’t meant to be comprehensive, just the way the goodness was shared and printed, quite literally the morning of the party with very few modifications in this form. 



Thank you to #DRO420 Suppliers, Please Support

私達の結婚式を助けてくださった様々な友人や事業者を紹介しましょう。 レビュー、いいね、共有、写真などを提供して、感謝の気持ちを示してください。  

Let us introduce the various friends and providers who helped us put together the wedding festivities. Please help us show thanks by offering reviews, likes, shares, photos etc.   


Rural Caprine Farm / ルーラルカプリ農場 / Sempei Makoto Kobayashi  / 小林真人 party host and food /  

Noriko Hinuma / 日沼 紀子 / Spice chef / スパイス料理家 

Pom / ケーキ工房ポム / cake /


koti brewery / draft beer / 

Shimane Brewing (Hearn Beer) / 島根ビール株式会社 /  can & bottle beer /  

Sake shop Yamamoto / 酒ショップ山本/  Nihon-shu /

Slow Coffee, Kanji-san / coffee /  

Itano Shuzou / Amazake /  

Wasara / eco-plates etc / コンポスト可能紙皿 /  


Kakudo Rie Band / music / with Tada Iyohei, bass & Nakano Machiko, drums   

Yano Keizaburou, Hakada Shinji / masters of ceremony

Makiko Yamamoto / dance teacher

Homare Photo Atelier, Matsushita-san / photography /

Flower and Decor

Katsumi Oka-sensei / flower design and stage

Sunflower / flowers  

Gift Bag

Takahiro Hosokawa, Potter / Bizen-yaki sake cups /  

Gamomo Creative, Joanna and Kenji  / poster design /

Fujii Printing Company,フジイ印刷株式会社 / poster and art printing /  

Ceningan Resort, Bali / special offer /  

Coaster fox / custom coasters /  

Moo / art postcards /  

Nanase / matcha tea /  

Hanko oroshi center / ink stamps  

Usigiya / gift bags  

Ceremony April 20

Munetada Jinjya / ceremony shrine  

Fuyuhei / kaiseki lunch  

Ith, Satomori-san / rings /  

Okayama jinjyakon / wedding services  

Kobayashi Tabito / wagasa umbrella  

Fukusuke / kimono rental



Lauralee Stevenson Olson Elliott / dress / Dave’s mother  

Machiko Tsuchiya / dress fitting

Miki Komura / make-up  

Yoshiko Kajimoto / hair dresser  


Ambassador Fashions, Chiang Mai / kilt shirt & suit /  

Affordable Kilts / kilt etc. /  

Nakamura-san / Dave’s haircut   

Welcome Party  April 19

Bird Live House / venue /  

Bancho Bunko / okonomiyaki  & yakisoba

Transport and Accommodations

Sarai and Asahi / taxi services  

Koraku & Okayama View / hotels   

Next Trip / map /  

Momotaro Tourist Info / more maps etc.


download as PDF: dave-ryoko-kekkon-supplier-arigatou

Special thanks for Uehara-san for taking care of Maru-chan rabbit

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