Annotations re: Star Wars IX and personal historical notes

A few remarks regarding Star Wars IX “The Rise of Skywalker“ #NoSpoilers

Empathy is the greatest power or attribute worth striving towards and is cultivated (in large part) from kindness, calmness, self confidence and trust in others

War brings displacement and costs beyond death of fighters… Cultural loss, loss of personal history, plus refugee situations & family separation which can bring trauma for generations.

While you can’t choose whom you share blood with, you can choose “family“ and love beyond status, background, gender, species etc.

Rewards come eventually and sometimes in unexpected ways – Patience is your ally.

As you continue the hero’s journey, mentors and icons fall away, you will become your own hero. Be empathic to self, choose your family wisely.

Ryoko purchased tickets in the special super comfy theatre – the loungey reclining seats came with slippers and a tray for your snacks. was my first time in a cinema in Japan as it goes. I coulda sat there for a trilogy!

Cam added: Also the heroes journey requires you to follow your heart to follow your own path.

To which i replied: indeed! Risk & instinct & compassion –  There’s also something to say here about redemption, and the results of redemption aren’t always exactly what you want but still worthwhile nevertheless

post-movie lunch with my fave jedi
Pretty sure Chewie was flirting with her! #jealous


Advance Note: Seeing Star Wars 9 tomorrow, high noon in Okayama, Japan (GMT +9).

Brothers rocking Star Wars tees except James aka Willie which has a rabbit maybe?

This will bring me to 12/9 of seeing the canon in cinema (including the reissues of original trilogy) including screens in Utah, Sri Lanka, Seattle, Olympia, Surrey and points in between, starting on my 7th birthday 1977 (see more below).

As it goes, Solo broke my streak as it was only in cinema for a minute it seems.

Also: recall seeing Return of Jedi at a drive-in with AM radio sound and recorded the movie on cassette and listened over and over again in my bedroom for months later.


Pedro noticed this photo is reversed as the slide was scanned backwards making Darth a leftie and my left eye strong

Dave + Darth in 1977

Saw Star Wars in theatre on my 7th birthday at the Scera Theatre in Orem, Utah (on family vacation) which was also the day Elvis died. Pop culture collision!

May the … etc.

Where’d you see New Hope? 

[PS we watched New Hope before going to see Rise of Skywalker as a refresher]

Bedroom wall, circa 1978

Whatcha think?