Diary: arborist test, sumo, salad + sckness, campaigns, ideas

Saturday: My sweet wife Ryoko started day at a funeral for a dear fellow who always supported her band & community and then, changed outfits and hopped the train to Fukuoka for a big test to level up her tree doctor credentials.

Back at Tsuchida station, we watched final bout of Nagoya sumo basho (yowza!) & i made caprese salad with garden tomatoes (& bonus avocado).

The brutal elbows to the face & the full meaty hand slaps were heavy duty. More about this epic & historic sumo bout.

I know avocados aren’t usually included but when it is ripe, i’m using it! 

Sunday: she’s home! we all (me, father and mother in law) all managed Ichiro just fine though he def missed his mom and clung when she arrived home.

PS yup, i set up hotel, breakfast and walking route to test for her (i’m helping :)) feel a cold coming on though… 

on the bus, in the hood

Monday: went to mall by bus to get some Pokéman things for sick lil dude in Canada. I have no idea what i’m doing or wtf Pokéman is, but double-masked, sunglasses and hat and a mysterious foreigner met me to hand off some treats. Parcel coming soon (as well as a video to answer some questions about Japan).

By the time catching bus back, was getting wooooozy…. yikes.

Monday: i’m toast. Ichiro had fever up to 39.5 c and whatever with my dodgy immune system (remember MECFS?) i’m a sucker for an illness despite all precautions. We all went to a kindly neighbourhood doctor. Hooray Japanese practice! Got some scrips and told to rest… sigh.

Tuesday >>: of course *everyone* hates being sick but I’m so fcking sick of being sick and wasting days because there’s so much to do, the construction is finishing up so want to put things away, I have projects in my head, it’s sunny days outside, I have a wonderful wife and son and I just want to live live live. I listened to some podcasts on various topics I should list them here but I won’t right now – I just want to say I was miserable and if you can’t sleep everything falls apart and i fell apart, bawling and twitching – not pretty. 

Related: Wife saw news about a Dr running a program at Okayama University here in our of Japan about LongCvd & MECFS / plan to reach out and offer myself (& 8 years of detailed medical diaries) as resource (& hopefully find source for LDN here) will keep posted if legit research / resource.

Friday night: even worse, no details required. Watched a few minutes of the Olympics ceremony but couldn’t stand it for so many reasons.

Saturday: crew is back tearing up some concrete in the driveway which was used for the water hook ups and mixing new cement to patch it all up. Good news is: they did a wonderful job of course – Bad news is:  more noise, I can’t handle more noise! Also, parked the car away from the house so we walked down there to go back to the doctor’s. Me and the little guy are both grumpy. We are wearing hats and I am wearing protective ear muffs.

Sunday: coming back to life, up and about enough to catch up the laundry, fresh up all the bed linens, vacuum our tatami room, clean out the trash cans (tissues!), fresh air into everywhere and think about what comes next. Yep, the hot summer time has arrived big time.

Monday: I’m far from 100% but eager to be catching up on “life” plus is our busy day around here with grocery delivery, trash to the corner and those sorts of things. I’m way behind on replying to messages – both digital and analogue – but: we fumigated the kura barn but first moved the various pickles, miso, umeboshi, coffee/tea etc. into new fancy in floor cool storage in the new house. This was a big move.

some, def not all, of the coffee and tea stash
some of the ferments and concoctions, now in a proper place in the floor

Plus ordered a cool present for father-in-law’s birthday tomorrow and made reservations at a restaurant, of hours so not busy, special dessert as well. Also conversation with brother number five and hoping he can find a little bit of peace and passion in his life.

Also been so many great things in the mail recently but with everything in transition, I’m sort of jumbled up on desks and places just to spread out right now. That said, bit of inspiration and preparation into a new creative project to start this fall as I’ve resigned to August and September being pretty much “putting stuff away” and sort-ganizing. I really enjoy *all of this* fresh start vibes but also looking forward to “less old stuff, more new stuff”. 

Of course more things going out in the mail – including some dossiers about the Kerouac event which we had hoped to go last week but sickness and this week is F-in-L’s birthday and hospital on 29th so gonna have to be the final week. Clearing off my phone robot so can make some longish video riffs with Prof. Matt. 

Related: Got a new video series in mind about personal archeology as well as some new schemes for my post box painting series.


we scored a prize from the biz that makes the baby holder

Forgot to tell you that was fourth place in a campaign by the company that made the cool baby holder maybe you saw in the library photo and also got a “commendable” or something in Muriel’s Poetry dealio in DTES. Think i get the aluminum metal for these. Bronze is heavy and overrrated anyhow. 

Whatcha think?