Diary: a day in the life(ish) – woodstove, meta-ness, voting, tidying

Good days and bad days and wind and rain on rotating Mondays… Got up / some things done yesterday {hung some art and usual dishes and laundry} but still in bed today… This illness is a fickle beast #mecfs / So many creative projects in my head > patience and time are my allies.

Note to self: remember to put the ointment on the rabbit’s broken leg (this is not code for something)

So anyway, I got up & did couple of things around the house (the usual laundry, make tea & soup) + wrote one special postcard) – completely wiped out and now curled on the couch looking at the dishes to wash. Dear wife has taken wonderful son for his 18 month medical check in. This is all.

The aforementioned postcard is for a special mail art exhibition at a bookstore in North Carolina. Mail art cancelled postcards from around the world will be displayed for fortnight and then slipped into books to be surprises for unsuspecting patrons. This hits all my keywords. Note Momotaro washi tape.

This adorable, custom café-style kitchen – now with freshly washed dishes and slow cooker full of lentil soup –brought to you (in part) by Bill Janovitz’s “Walt Whitman Mall”. Now back to the couch, fire in the woodstove, tea/snack & name-stamping diapers.

All the kiddos clothes, bibs, washcloths etc for his (lovely) preschool, get personalized with this bespoke inky stamp. One of my favorite household tasks.

Another favorite task is making fires in this right-sized cast-iron woodstove. (As you likely know) I make my own fire starters (paper egg cartons, sawdust and soy wax) so always get roaring with one flick of a lighter. The “safety guard“ is basically just decorative.

Aside about firewood: being a most-of-my-life Cascadian, used to burning rather-pitchy and fast-burning splits of softwood and now almost all gnarly, well seasoned, hardwood – a different style of fires and fire making. PS diy fire starter making

Darjeeling tea (with train on the tin), fancy milk & maple syrup in a cute bunny mug, *paired with* sourdough rye cracker and crunchy peanut butter and a single strawberry. (also included in photos is aforementioned lentil soup in slow cooker)

3 pack of :90s (have a project for love letters with mixed tapes with hearts and flowers. Maybe record my favourite songs from the radio, have finger on the pause button on stand-by.

Bonus odds and ends

Very interesting breakdown of “foreigners” by country of origin (or whatever) in Japan. Less than 10,000 Canadians – Lots of Nepalis because they are everywhere being awsum & stuff.

As it goes, I’m *still* an authorized USA voter and got to say Thurston county, WA Secretary of State election management/whoever, does a fantastic job of always getting me ballots in a timely manner. Turns out voting by mail works out really well. Memo: Kim Wyman (R) long time WA Sec of State was brought on by current US administration to advise and support vote by mail process nationally, ummm not sure how that’s going :(

Public service announcement: still severely under the weather so usual correspondence continually delayed. currently, cryptic notes and copy & paste dispatches only. eventually will get to “actual replies“. your continued patience noted. ps intimidated by emails, grateful for cards and letters #lOnTheList. But i did just clear off a load of tabs and topics via Twtr so getting brain warmed up.

Whatcha think?