Diary: ME to Consulate / much officialness + sleeping masks & fades

Yesterday’s #MECFS medical intake checked off the list (more to say, of course, I have more to say… there are notes).

All packed up

(Very brief version: long day, spun me out but “felt heard” & respected and have some new approaches)

So today was resting in a cool dark room for Thursday is business of an official kind in Osaka for the US consulate but just gonna do it as an “sniper mission” with no additional stops.

Rules: Items are forbidden beyond scant essentials. Various documents and methods of large payment. Oaths will occur.

As such, I’m looking official, right? #WorldsWorstSecretAgent

No spectacles or smiles allowed, also must fit all hair inside the photo, really.

Yes, I am leaving the prefecture. We will travel by private vehicle rather than train for precautionary purposes.

Then next week starts in projects for Canadian and Japan passports for Ichiro, (and renewing Canadian passport and Japanese resident card for me) but that’s next week(ish)…

Tip regarding passports in general: keep dozens on hand for various purposes, mix and match, trade with your friends! Remember, everything is a forgery. Invent your own country.

All right, 4:38 PM, got to get out of bed and wash some dishes… Get ready for my darlings coming home. Think we’ll have kabocha croquettes

PS re: sleeping masks

I have about 17 sleeping masks, 4 or 5 in regular rotation but am (obv) still seeking *the perfect 1”.

AudreyHepburn’s much sought after blue satin sleep mask makes £6,250, over x 4 the high estimate #AudreyAtChristies #AuctionUpdate

Above is Audrey Hepburn’s actual sleeping mask, not the one used in-character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which is endlessly reproduced and sold through all your usual Internet outlets… This one went at auction for £6000


  • soft to touch/silky material
  • big enough to really cover beardo face comfy w/o squeeze
  • wide backstrap w/ covered elastic
  • and dammit, want it cute!

I keep buying them and what should be a very simple solution is always either under built (skinny shtty elastic are the worst), poor materials, or too much “technical” cloth that doesn’t feel nice aside from an emergency use, or so massive that they wrap your head in some kind of overheated cocoon.

With my illness, I wear these like a super lot. I would make my own but I’ve got a few projects on the list before that and figure someone’s got this figured out.


PS A few more notes and examples commingled with notes about Ramen and I don’t know, probably pickles

Not for passport use that surfaced from 2014, fresh from Junior’s Barber shop… Just thinking I might get to go back there one of these months 
* Public Service Announcement *

Note: Junior's BarberShop does the snippy snip in chill style.

Ya be a fool to go nowhere else for fades, razor cuts. & all that...

Down Davie st near Burrard & Hornby - find it, worth it.

Peace in every street.

Whatcha think?