Diary: Recycling and Styling

After unpacking a load of stuff, had a heap of cardboard and packing paper to haul to the recycling station. So with my adorable pregnant wife in her “Miyazaki Poppins” hat and me in my newly found track suit loaded up in the K-truck (under 650cc mini pickup) and headed out in the “outside world”, ergo: 

I am the “K-truck gangster”, just being a boss at the recycling station.

Note: Yes, I am rather excited that the black/tartan Adidas Firebird track suit and Tam o’ shanter arrived in the shipping container, thank you for asking.

Send beats so I can rock the mic with my rhymes in Japan.

Call me MC650cc

Note: approx 7-% of my “wardrobe” is lounge wear, payjamas, robes, smoking jackets and track suits. 

Also: folks tie up the bundles of paper so nicely

2 more views/poses because i am colossal cheeseball :) it’s true

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