Diary: Kinome make gardens for people (in a parking lot)

Gardens are (by) people, friend

Ryoko has her own small company doing tree trimming, garden planning and various workshops (like tree trimming for seniors) and sometimes does a gig teaching children and their parents about gardening using a couple plots in the parking lot of a grocery store (who sponsor the event). 

The amazing Ryoko sharing packets of seeds wrapped in origami paper with a group of kids and their parents – Today’s lesson is leafy greens

Anyhow, i tagged along to see her in action, drink coffee and do a bit of grocery shopping at the awesome store (plus take care of our household recycling while we were there). 

tagging along with the gardener for laughs

we prepared origami-folded papers for hold the assortment of seeds to distribute to the attendees
Ryoko provides instructions and encouragement to the families that come along
Gardeners, each and every one

Now harvesting daikon from last times’ lesson – Gardens can be anywhere as it turns out, even in a corner of a parking lot of a grocery store across from store


Lady at the bus stop looks on… also, no one seems to pilfer from the garden…
home centre visit yielded mesh and arches – with some rocks, these will protect the sprouts into plants. note: this was all planted in november, i am still working to understand the seasons here it seems

We also popped over a home centre where she purchased a few things for the garden and i loaded up on canning jars for my pickling projects. 

In case you forgot, i am Dave (note name written in Hiragana rather the Katakana which is used for foreign words just to be contrary to the usual :)).

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