I saw a great movie…

I saw a great movie last night with exceptional acting, pacing, dialogue and nuanced geo-political intrigue.

Called “Hyde Park on Hudson” starring Bill Murray who disappears into the role of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (also possibly my favorite US president).

Yep, I like my movies slow – with pleasant scenes of conversation and countryside drives. Also, stuttering awkward kings, hot dogs, mistresses, and custom modified cars.



Also, I’m fascinated by the life and times of the short raining King Edward (real name David) who abdicated give mean way to his younger dorkier brother George. David was a true rockstar king, beloved by the masses, oozing charisma and charm, whose later life tied up an intrigue and golf games with the world elite, accompanied by his controversial American wife. Where is the biopic about this mysterious elusive Royal?

Chris Graham Of course you are forgetting his friendship with Hitler and his Nazi sympathies. Although he had some good points, and was initially popular, his ‘unsuitable’ relationship gave a viable reason to ease him out of the picture. This world might have been a very different place otherwise. His German friend had plans to re-instate him to the throne if the Nazis’ planned invasion of Britain had been successful. Yes he was a fascinating character, but not for the romantic reasons most people might think.

Dave Olson Yes, the German connection makes the story even more fascinating, especially in light that the entire British royal family is German descent (Aside from a few other European royal inbreeding inputs etc.). I am not pro or con his “politics” but I am fascinated by the narrative arc of his story. Also, I am a complete non-royalist, the thought that people inherit privilege due to their “birthright” is abhorrent to me. Also, the Germanic connection was hardly a secret but more people then we realize weren’t sure of the outcome of the war and were hedging their bets in one way or another.

Chris Graham Quite true Dave. I agree about the ‘birthright’ bit, though they don’t have any real influence on government these days. They’re simply titular, and a bit of pomp and ceremony to entertain tourists and locals alike. At least they (generally) behave a lot better than many ‘celebrities’ these days.

Dave Olson (2018) Noting that the popular series “the crown” unpacked the Nazi connection quite a while I think. I guess they were listening to our banter 🙂

Whatcha think?