Jamaica, Third Time (with busted face)

In Nov/Dec. 2013 – 36 hours after i crashed a Vespa and busted up my face, i headed to Jamaica for the 3rd time – though it felt like the 10th as had deep relationship, presents, dreams and a cabin project underway.

This trip was a 3 part journey for me:

Week 1, was ice bags and lots of time in bed due to injury. the hammers next door were encouraging but my injuries were frustrating. I ached badly and felt dispirited.

Week 2, i tried to rally and ended up a pile of anxiety and exhaustion. Also grumpy and disoriented and somewhat ornery. I apologized. I also obtained new meds in Jamaica.

Week 3+, was an active healing gig with ital food, roots tea, meditation and disappearing into myself with help dear housekeeper Patsy who massaged my aching brain each day, and Rasta camp leader Chubby. We planned a goat herding business and riffed about live, acoustic music in Little Bay. I healed.

Note: Importantly, I ate powerful foods which Mr. Chubby diligently prepared along with strong (and tasty) teas from herbs, roots and leaves.

I painted signs and captured a few faces along the way – artifacts and evidence.

We (my lil band of renegades) made a few videos to help Little Bay Cabins and Villas spread their goodness – watch for them coming along. I also made some lil vids about me, ya know, me talking about feeling blue, me talking about feeling irie, me fumbling along, me giving love. I also recorded snippets of stories from decades past as they came to me. My notebooks are full of studio plans, poetry fragments and documentation of herbs and recipes for banana porridge. Stimulated by the goodness.

Whatcha think?