Diary: Catch-up with Mochi, Scrapbooks, Postcards, Framing and usual tasks

new postcard series, “Global Postboxes (mostly), Red (usually)” for the postcards club members

Quick hits from last week or so – have a load of things *want* to do before end of the year (as always) but trying to prioritize gracefully and accept the days as they roll in.

What follows are reminders of various unrelated to “big creative projects ™” from last lil stretch, here to remind me (and future me) of all wrangled through during the ups and downs.

Father in law checks the steamers as neighbours pound mochi rice behind

Mochi making day in Tsuchida neighbourhood (at the little community center where their late grandfather Ichiro used to perform with his accordion… We still have the accordion but it needs some repairs). Steam rice, pound rice, each eat with sweet beans.

Took some snaps of the community agricultural processing sorta warehouse i’ll maybe curate eventually.

Besides the usual dishes, laundry, and tea… Finished epic Beat hero video & prepped some rather gorgeous “Postcards from Gravelly Beach” for some kindly (and lucky :-)) supporters/customers.

Of course, I’m really the lucky one. PS You can get in on the fun by ordering postcard sets & art dossiers or sign up for my monthly “postcard as a service” for $5+/mo.

Note: On my list for next year is to think about how to step this project up (or not)… do i stay the course? add WP “coffee” button? add woocommerce? (finally) start etsy store? start shop!fy store? i dunno. want easy, low stress all the money is distributed to various charities and causes {+ paper, ink & stamps} – advice?

2021 correspondence scrapbook, cover

Also did a wee bit of scrapbooking… Specifically properly archiving all of this year’s general correspondence.

Also many dossiers laden with ephemera received but that’s a separate compartment – this book holds cards and letters and postcards and aerogrammes, lovingly arranged with various techniques to always keep close to our hearts.

used the big kitchen table (purchased 2nd hand) which was a treat as this was part of purpose of purchase

Thank you to our correspondents. Also backfilled last year’s holiday card book with a few that didn’t make it in first round of building.

example of some of the great holiday cards received last year’s festive period

Needed to construct an extra couple of pages into the “accordion style“ scrapbook which I did with some paper received from India in a packet containing stamps of Auroville), plus there’s a separate book for Ichiro-specific cards and letters so caught that one up – its mighty!

another from one of my fave correspondents and a fella who always inspires me to step up my skills

(note: I should share a snap for those familiar or curious about #Auroville community), plus there’s a separate book for Ichiro-specific cards and letters so caught that one up – its mighty! Do you archive letters & cards? Whatcha scrapbooking?

Postal treats from OlyWa with SubPop stickers, original painting by a young friend, NYTimes with guitar song champion Courtney Barnett & 2 carpenters/stonemasons pencils (+ amethyst necklace not pictured) #treasures #grateful

December sento (public bath) calendar page is best for last with sweet red #postbox / finishing the year quite pleasingly indeed.

Two items at a coffee shop/barbershop in Okayama / Both capable of surprises. (taking a break from framing project…), speaking of…

Art framing fest! Some precious originals waiting yeeears, decades even. Other prints: signed, numbered, treasured including Nick Bantock originals and numbered prints / about 30 pieces total! Our home gallery is looking swell.

Beardos: Wills Knapp & Gary Snyder, both on poster > can *barely* tell apart. Note: need to figure poster framing or quality diy archival-ish quality foamcore mounting skillz/equip. Ideas?

Big box of mushrooms arrived at the house, a whole variety, delivered fresh and chilled on a Saturday evening.

Shabu shabu with this meat & loads of mushrooms & other veg + magic ponzu / cooked table top with in-laws, woodstove rolling & a very happy Ichiro.

Out n about, with suitcase and key (and shoes)

At the Drs, no Fluevogs allowed, just tiny green slippers. Disappointing shoe-fie pic but we carry on, intrepidly. Rest of my outfit is mostly #uniglo as well, including socks, trousers and a blue cardigan, and yes even my undergarments. Really need a sponsorship. My shirt is custom tailored in Chiang Mai, I really should market these but hey, I have enough hobbies and busy selling postcards – hint: festive gift idea!

Just completed a very pleasant reading of this exceptional book “poets on peaks” about Gary Snyder, Phillip Whalen and Jack Kerouac’s experiences as fire lookouts in my old stomping grounds of Cascadia then, convening with Allen Ginsberg, Michael Mclure, Kenneth Rexroth et al with Neal Cassady & Lawrence Ferlighetti In audience for the very notable “six poets at 6 gallery” reading.

Free, with angels, pass a hat for wine and postcards. Perfect.

As Gary told an attendee “keep the postcard, might be worth something one day”. Indeed Gary, It’s worth everything.

PS I talk about this reading, these poets and the impact on mine – and possibly your – life more in a couple of recent “Japan cottage musings” videos and will have more to say next week in my “upgrade your heroes” dispatch.

Also more about the fire lookouts, including how you can go there if you’re up for it, here in my creative life archive.

Overall, just “staying alive”, Yup.

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