Mail Box Open for Delivery / Postal Info and Tips

Postal mail is now making the journey across oceans successfully. As such, you are invited to send letters, cards, dossiers and packaged goodness to your forthcoming lil pal Ichiro Stanley Thorvald Olson.

+ Service +

Use your national postal service (assuming they are operational) and/or DHL (better for Japan then FedEx or UPS) or if available in your area, the fantastic “Yamato / Black Cat” courier service.

+ Coordinates +

Ichiro Olson
c/o Dave, Ryoko
937-1 Tsuchida, Naka-ku
Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken
703-8217 Japan

You can get fancy and print out this if desired #extracredit
〠703-8317 岡山県岡山市中区土田937ー1

If asked for a phone number, please use:
Ryoko Olson: +81 9075095064

If you misplace this address, its easily accessed via FB, Twitter, &/or search “Dave Olson uncleweed postal address” via preferred search engine.

+ Pro Tips +

When using national postal service for packages bigger than a card/letter, use the “Small Packet” option / saves money from “regular” airmail.

If sending books/magazines you can use “Printed Matter” service which again will save money (usually sent via Surface Air Lifted).

You will need to complete a customs declaration including assigning a value. Just add a nominal amount – *we know its priceless* but this is for customs duty, not insurance.

Of course, ensure you have a legible return address in case the system is thwarted by various apocalypse. We will do best efforts to let you know when your kind sentiments have arrived.

+ Notes + (now largely irrelevant but leaving for the record)

“Due Date” is June 18th but he’s “fully baked” and could come at any time. All is healthy and within normal parameters. He is *very* active. We read and sing to him daily.

Current restrictions mean i (sadly / frustratingly) cannot be present at birth to support and assist dear 藤田良子 (Ryoko) but i can visit for an hour after he arrives :). Our great clinic is advocating on my behalf to the prefectural doctor’s board and hopefully this situation will change before he decides to say hello.

Ryoko’s bag is packed for a 5 day stay at the hospital (including her tea set and snacks) for rest and bonding in a cute tatami room. PS Also right now she’s outside planting seeds and arranging her tools in the the glorious tool shed.

Keep the cards and letters coming – all are enjoyed and appreciated.

Fondly from Tsuchida Cottage

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