Diary: Opera Day with Kimono and Seijinshiki + Piano Recital

Heading to opera today / Ryoko is purple kimono with silver obi & orange sandals. Stunnnning. Also complicated (it ain’t just “putting on a robe” – its a whole process choosing the right one for the occasion and then whoa putting it all on is an art (which is kinda the point).

Anyhow, furthermore, today is national holiday to celebrate and welcome crop of 20 years olds to adulthood with all sorts of dress-up ceremonies & events. [Read about Seijinshiki}

Should be real colourful in the city / we’re riding bus, i’m having a warm bevvie.

Note: to be clear, this wasn’t a full opera production but rather a variety of songs by a troupe (is that the right word?) or a company of singers doing various ensembles, bits, songs, snippets from opera. I have the program and would share notes but hey… it’d just be a tease right.

Let’s meet some of the singers:

Here’s Ryoko and I with Matsumoto-sensei who was singer & MC – sharp and graceful gent

Matsumoto-san is also Ryoko’s vocal coach/teacher helping her increase power, control, range etc.

I trimmed up my beard, put on compression socks & many salon pas on pressure points to pair with bespoke in Chiang Mai blue herringbone secret agent suit, J . Garcia tie (purple & orange to match 藤田良子’s kimono), thrift store Italian shoes, blue Stetson brand fedora… and a little lavender oil to keep chill brain – while I am a bit bit creaky I am getting up and outta bed every day into the world.

this gent was a beauty and love his outfit – his tie is not a J. Garcia however
the event was at this “Renaiss hall” there is a cafe/bar inside a huge bank vault which also hosts art exhibits which i have my eye once my paintings come from Canada


The day before, we went to Hatsumi-san (she plays flute in Mae Maes’) piano recital at a local music school’s performance space and met up with a group of friends – here we are:

Whatcha think?