Mae Maes – Ryoko’s band at Mukunomi Fureai Matsuri

Konnichi-Mae! To complete the trifecta of tunes from Saturday’s Matsuri comes my favourite!

Ryoko’s band Mae Maes played at a community outdoor festival (you can see video some of the other performers elsewhere in this archive) and several of the usual supporters were out on a sunny and surprisingly hot day, including the effervescent Tadanori Suzumura-san – “the Shacho” (boss) is a singer himself and a huge supporter of local music. 

Here we are hanging out: 

Anyhow, Suzumura-san shot a couple of great lil videos of Mae Maes’ “sweater song” (above) written by Ryoko while we were in Indonesia, plus “Yagi no Christmas” (below) and made a collage… yup, he’s a dynamo! 

Featuring some rollicking ragtime Joplin-eque piano by Kuzuko-san, along with graceful styling of Rie Yanamoto on violin and Hatsumi Kazui on flute, with bonus percussion by the elegant Misuko-san.

I am a very proud husband and happy fan. Such happy memories of Ryoko working on this song while hiding out on a tiny island.

Also noting Shacho’s smart use of “worm’s eye view” to fill the negative space with sky rather than cords and feets. Also, he advised the sound guy to try to fix the balance – ugh. 

Mae Maes collage by Suzumura-san at Mukunomi Fureai Matsuri (festival)

Whatcha think?