UN Reports Points out Canada’s abundant (responsible) Cannabis use

United Nations World Drug Report 2007 – Cannabis (.pdf)

Been meaning to write about this but instead, here is some snippets from Rebecca Dube (how is that pronounced?)’s article in the big fancy newspaper from TO. Proud to be doing my part.

globeandmail.com: The true North, stoned and free

From July 16, 2007 Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Canada is a nation of stoners. According to the United Nations’ 2007 World Drug Report released last week, Canadians lead the industrialized world in marijuana smoking. Canadians are four times more likely to have smoked pot in the past year than residents of nearly every other country: 16.8 per cent of Canadians aged 15 to 64 use marijuana, compared to a global average of 3.8 per cent.


Some pot smokers, however, say Canada’s high rate of recreational use is not because we’re a nation of slackers, but merely a side effect of the country’s go-getter work ethic. Canadians work hard and, unlike Europeans, don’t get 10 weeks of vacation or two-hour lunches – so we find other ways to unwind.

“You’re putting in way too many hours at work, you just want to go out and relax,” says one recreational user, a business owner and married father of three who smokes pot several times a month. Marijuana, he explains, allows busy professionals to “maximize your leisure time.”

“You go to a bar, you’re hanging out with friends – if you’re stoned, everybody’s funnier,” he says. “If you’re not sure about a movie? Get high, you’ll like it better.”

United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime 2007 World Drug Report

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