BC Floorball Says “Thanks” – I Say “No Prob”

June 12, 2007
Dave Olson:
Hockey Northwest/ Canucks Outsider

Re: Canucks Outsider #55 – Swiss Dominate BC Floorball Challenge

On behalf of the BC Floorball Federation I wanted to acknowledge the fantastic support you have given us with the release today of your BC Floorball focused podcast!

We truly appreciate the work that went into this and the time you spent attending the tournament and recording the content. In my opinion you clearly have an exceptional talent for capturing the spirit and potential of the sport. Your podcast will really help
us reach out to people at the same time as being a first class marketing tool!

It is without hesitation that the BCFF would like to give you free honorary membership of the BC Floorball Federation. I will organize your membership card and package as soon as possible.

Thanks again for doing this, it is simply Awesome! (capitalized deliberately!)

Stewart Marshall
Secretary Treasurer
BC Floorball Federation