Multi-disciplinary Artist David Byrne’s TED Talk

Multi-disciplinary artist David Byrne is a huge hero of mine – my fave work is his 1985 film True Stories which is a central inspiration in many of my projects. I recently read his excellent collection of essays about exploring urban environments from the seat of a bicycle “Bicycle Diaries” with discourse of architecture, planning, inter-personal relations, diplomacy, remixed history and art plus practical tips for cycling and locking up your ride. His manner is diligent, self-assured and constantly curious.

Mr. Byrne spoke at TED about how acoustics of spaces influence songwriting.

The description from TED says: As his career grew, David Byrne went from playing CBGB to Carnegie Hall. He asks: Does the venue make the music? From outdoor drumming to Wagnerian operas to arena rock, he explores how context has pushed musical innovation.

David Byrne builds an idiosyncratic world of music, art, writing and film. Full bio and more links

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