change my route to think about the neighbourhoods

Note: Hear “change my route to think about the neighbourhoods” as a spoken song


i change my route
from time to time
to think about
the neighbourhoods

switched Cambie 15
for Main Number 3
or Fraser if i don’t mind
cutting across Kingsway

skirted schoolgirls Xavier-bound
headphones sweater
in rows

downtown exchanges
spake in broken halts
sometime gleaming
often rain
occasionally sleet, hail or ice


and I’ve seen the best minds of my generation
sequestered in cubicles
rained on at bus stops
shook down chained to chainlink
arrested as imbeciles
in front of trucks

snuck into basements calling pharmacies
bartering for satchels
complicated crafts to conceal the energy and guile
i’ve seen them lost in mountain valleys to finda wilderness with
payment box, vending machines and another inspection
for your protection

get found into
catacombs, from the pulpit he pontifys
a litany of assigned refinements
conceived to temper and curb

intellectualism is akin to unemployment
academia the enclave of those fundable or cynical
wait, stand, line-up and learn move along already
i’ve told you what’s wrong

doesn’t mean ‘free’ to roam
not the liberty to pursue


Nederlander Tax Write off for Hash

A kinda cheesy article from Canoe but the topic intrigues me so here it is, read more via the link.  I *would* put a photo to a Amsterdam coffee shop here or maybe a big chunk of hash, but i am kinda busy right this minute but maybe later i’ll write some commentary and include a relevant photo but maybe not.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) – A Dutch court has added a new item to the list of activities eligible for tax relief – drug running.  Judges in the central city of Arnhem recently declared that a professional fisherman convicted of smuggling drugs could deduct the cost of buying and shipping hashish to the Netherlands from his income on his tax return, national daily De Telegraaf reported Tuesday.


The court ruled that because he had only been convicted of drug running and not trading in drugs he could deduct the cost of buying and transporting the drugs on his tax form. That cut his tax bill to euro1.8 ($2.4 million) – a saving of euro1.5 million ($2 million).

Under Dutch law, marijuana and hashish are illegal but police don’t fine smokers for possession of less than five grams (one-sixth of an ounce) or prosecute for possession of less than 30 grams (one ounce).

Authorities look the other way regarding the open sale of cannabis in designated “coffee shops.”But growers are subject to raids and prosecution, meaning the officially tolerated shop owners have no legal way to purchase their best-selling product.

The case isn’t the first time a court’s ruling on taxes has raised Dutch eyebrows. In 2005, judges in the northern city of Leeuwarden ruled that witches can write off the cost of schooling in witchcraft against their tax bills if it increases the likelihood of employment and personal income.

CANOE — CNEWS – Weird News: Dutch court makes hash tax deductible

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Vancouver Downtown Eastside Incident (Fatality)

Vancouver Downtown Eastside Incident - Possible Fatality

Approx 2PM Saturday, March24th on Abbott Street off Pender – possible fatality, cause unknown (see below for update) note on photo: view full size to see rain falling and detail of victim’s injury


Police searching for drug dealer after horrific assault, Vancouver Sun, Published: Monday, March 26, 2007

Honduran refugee a suspect in Vancouver’s 5th homicide of 2007 Monday, March 26 – 11:43:34 AM New 1130

Too High To Fight? Interesting article on military drug testing

Hmmm, maybe time to bust out my drug testing in the worlplace white paper.–

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Too high to fight?


I usually offer to help soldiers fail drug tests – not pass them


NOW Magazine (Toronto)

I got some weird and crazy e-mail recently. Among the updates from war resisters groups and pot legalizers was a letter from the wife of a Canadian Forces soldier. The distraught woman was writing to ask my advice because her husband had failed his urine test and was being prevented from deploying to Afghanistan.

Talk about a moral dilemma. Oddly, just this month, writing for Cannabis Culture, I urged service personnel not wanting to wage war to get stoned and flunk the Department of National Defence’s recently resumed pee test. If any CF soldier doesn’t want to deploy, I’m offering to puff pot in their face all day or send them peace cookies. No reason to go AWOL.

So here I was being asked to help a soldier convince his superiors to retest him so he could deploy. I have no clout at DND, of course. However, it turns out that my anonymous soldier is one of 89 service personnel who popped positive out of the 2,276 tested before leaving for Afghanistan.

Two soldiers have been fired, three were able to show they had a narcotic prescription and five more were sent to counselling. There are 79 more administrative reviews to go.




When interviewed by the media, Hillier admitted at least one crew used cannabis to camouflage their vehicle. All efforts to down the indica thicket using white phosphorus and diesel fuel bombardment failed, he said. But when a small patch did ignite there were other problems: a section of soldiers downwind had “some ill effects.”

The United Nations Office of Drug Control estimates the Afghan cannabis crop at 30,000 acres, one-third of the world supply. The resinous strain packs that classic skunk smell and would be a terrible reefer toke, but it’s pressed into hashish and transported to world markets. You can come across it in Toronto.

Are soldiers retested to make sure they’re straight once they’ve settled into Kandahar? I can’t help querying. “Where would they get the drugs from? In the mail?” Laviolette asks.

“The soldiers are in an enclosed environment. They’re not even allowed to drink alcohol except for two beers on Christmas Day,” minister of defence spokesperson Isabel Bouchard reassures. “The military always needs to be ready. This is Canada, we respect the Afghan way of life and are their

invited guests,” she says.


NOW Magazine

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