Ranch Exit

Ranch exit Oh de Oh
O’er the pass we gonna roll
‘nigh services up ahead
just us and trucks
rounding the bend

Dropping in and shiftng down
half past Snoville by 10 oh 5
would stop for pie
if the town were open
but shuttered down
so we keep on rolling

Ranch Exit Hi di hoh
mother trucker swerving solo
slow on down ya great big loader
bail out lane is
right there for ya

Ranch Exit Low de doh
diggin the starshine show
riding green and rolling low
past the flying J
dark in idaho

Ursa Major pointing us ahead
wellsville rising far behind
as we are northward bound
idaho’s road are bumpy
utah beer is swill
oregon holds the gas pump and
washington is greener still

Columbia Daunted but Still Roils

One way these track run
into the elevator
and onto Mt Hood

Turning east
stopped by wooden fence
dam the beyond
columbia daunted
but stil roils

stunted but strong
regressed to measure and
water spreads
thinner than gold
every fiefdom wants a piece so they
bridge it
dam and tame it

rocks and monuments
observe the folly
silt builds up behind
water cool ahead
moving beyond memories
of drowned villages and
uncovered artifacts
entombed, enshrined
only the tugboats
come close

barge drifting
silos wait
trains slip past
and columbia rolls

Kerouac’s San Francisco in Dave’s Vancouver – Postcard #30

Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Array of Envelopes and Cards

On a North Van hillside, Dave reads a few choruses from Jack Kerouac’s “San Francisco Blues” and talks about “Ti Jean’s” writing life, including his dexterous style and notable substance – plus expresses affection for Vancouver and the joys of rediscovery.

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Rilke’s Letters at a Breezy Island Market – Postcard #29

Postcard from Gravelly Beach – Letters on ship table

At Granville Island Market on a breezy spring day, Dave talks about Czech/German/French writer Rainer Maria Rilke and reads from Letter # 10 from “Letters to a Young Poet,” plus offers discourse about the writing life, dealing with creative conditions and personal honesty – plus chats about the charming Vancouver False Creek waterfront.

Gaze into the distance for: Rilke’s Letters at a Breezy Island Market – Postcard #29 (.mp3, 7:30, 9MB)

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Catching Up with The Numbskulz ~ Choogle On! #26

Uncle Weed catches up with his two-thirds of his fave rockin’ younglings, Seth and Nolan of The Numbskulz, in Pe Ell Washington. They lads discuss a recent big show at Olympia’s famous Capitol Theater, vomiting drummers, recording ideas, new songs and fave music. Plus three live Numbskulz tracks for your listening pleasure. Cheers from Numbskulz to Cosmo at Clubside Breakfast Time and John from Radio Zoom.

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Numbskulz interview for Choogle on with Uncleweed podcast
(Uncleweed with Seth and Nolan Johnson in Pe Ell, WA)
photo by Numbskulz’s pa, Jon Johnson

Discourse from the Forest ~ Choogle On! #25

A catch-up from Uncle Weed while out on a stroll in the woods. Topics include Ben Harper concet, miscellaneous forth-coming show topics (Numbskulz, Canadian Federal election, drinkin’ in Oly), Mark Emery update, sweet new HappyVappy vaporizer, fave podcasts (Unmajestic, Daily Breakfast, Bicycle Mark, Rick Steves and BNL) plus a holler out to Scales and Krug in China.

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photo by DaveO – more on Flickr

Rolling to Bridgeport ~ Choogle On! #24

Uncle Weed and his buddy Eskimo space cruise into the Vancouver suburb of Richmond while chatting about Asian malls, local byways, global warming, dikes, Canada Line Skytrain, Olympic speed skating oval, box stores, mountains, cervezas, and YVR airport.

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Whitman on the Windy Columbia – Postcard #28

Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Pens, Cards and Leather Satchel

A personal stirring moment, recorded for Grandpa, Robert Louis Stevenson (RIP) on the windy banks of the Columbia River featuring Walt Whitman’s “To You” – read whilst sitting under a weeping sage tree with toiling barges, endless trains and snowy Mt. Hood in the distance.

Watch the river roil for: Whitman on the Windy Columbia – Postcard #28 (4:27, 5MB, .mp3)
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Exploding Grow Rooms, Rampant Fascism and Funny Glaswegians ~ Choogle On! #23

On the Seabus en route to BC Place, Uncle Weed relates news stories about an exploding grow house, a Briton arrested for singing along to The Clash, Marc Emery’s ongoing extradition debacle, war resisters in Canada, and also recommends some funny podcasting Scots.

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tugboat at lonsdale

The Joys of Playoff Hockey – Canucks Outsider #33

Out on a walk, Dave Thorvald proclaims this a great time to be a hockey fan while bantering on about overtime game heros, Giants in CHL‘sMemorial CupIIHF World Championship in RigaLatvia, and upcoming NHL draftand awards in Vancouver.  Plus Sens Underground, Drury’s clutchness, Cheechoo’s family, Thorton’s desire, Smyth’s teeth, conference final predictions and a “roadtrip” interview with Old Timey Dave.

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Clarence Campbell Trophy
photo of Clarence Campbell trophy
by DaveO from 2002 SLC Olympics




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