Waiting, not Riding

Waiting for a train
Alone amongst a billion
Just to pass by, not to ride

No where to go
But to my healing room.
Not the Darjeeling Limited
but moreorless the same
sweet lime or milk chai
your choice, 6 Rp

Train rolls by
I jump a tuktuk
He drops me off
Somewhere wrong.

Watercolours & oil pastels, Trippunithura, Kerala, India, 2016 (thank you Dr. Veena)

In process / tea cup for watercolours
Tuk tuk in general direction
Station from bench

2 thoughts on “Waiting, not Riding”

  1. Nice…this railway station holds dear to me, coz every friday around 5.30 i wud board the train to my native place from this station so that i could spend my weekends at home! Your drawing really reminded me of those days many yrs back!

    1. what a treat to hear this memory. such places can instantly take us back to the feeling of anticipation. in my case, i was struggling with my health and stayed at a nearby Ayurvedic clinic and finally felt well enough to go for a walk and make this painting so represents an important milestone for me. thanks for sharing – I can hear the sound of the train rolling by in my mind

      PS there is a short video clip of a train passing by this station here as well

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