Post’d: *in character* mug on cards – for birthdays & farewells

Postcards, on watercolor stock paper – several for birthdays, a few for passings, many of gratitude for pals

Orig portrait photos by Trevor Williams @tdub_photo

Yes, I have audacity to make postcards with my mug in various characters – vague theme of archaeologists, anthropologist and/or explorers “between the wars” ergo: my usual Time Traveler schtick.

For the record: Scribbling at Gloss gallery & coffee after seitai appointment w/ cheesecake & house blend coffee

{strangely the tiny café was very busy with ladies taking photos of their exquisite desserts and chattering away about putting snaps on the Internet – I fit right in except that I only talked to busy master … seems like some magazine or noteworthy amplifier found my secret hideout}

Another 2 postcards featuring the ridiculously photogenic Ichiro – although shockingly, hiding behind a Yokai (spirits of a sword who drifted between both, or more, worlds in various forms) mask in 1 – while his cheesy dad poses beside a postbox in Shodoshima as though that’s normal behavior + a bonus payphone {in which I should say something clever like “dang kids, always on their phones”} I like the reflection and the spontaneity

Almost finished with cheesecake which means one more postcard, the “classic Tsuchida cottage fingersign” standard issue signpost // sending to a friend so she can always find where i am.

Note: Hiroshima-made, Sailor brand fountain pen for my 50th birthday

Do you know this place “Gloss Cafe & Gallery” ? (My pardons if we already discussed… I get a little bit foggy :-)) [map]

Because it’s just so cute n cool,… Me and my remarkable little guy riding shoulders with his yokai mask next to a fantastic postbox (as seen on postcard above) on the nearby island of Shodoshima – more to say about this brief expedition but in general as written to a friend:

Back to the morning:

Before the postcarding: Same same, usual usual, bus bus, medical medical. peace✌

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