Post’d: Round-up of mailed items, etc, vol. 1 (generally 2018~2019)

Poet Adam in Utah hills enjoy his letter with a can

As i mail a lot of items, well also just write cards and letters to hand-deliver as well i suppose, i try to document bits and pieces for my amusement and archive including photos enthusiastic correspondents send of their received dossiers, “still life with postal” related items, and post offices/boxes. 

Often times these items are organized chronologically-ish somehow, or maybe to a theme, but in this case, neither applies and this is simply a batch of odds and ends hanging out – possibly waiting for another cycle into the world. So zoom zoom go around again (for my own amusement you see). 

Before leaving Sanur, left some special notes for the fine young ladies who look out for me (as Vincent, a Mae Maes CD, a literal laundry list and a dragon fruit look on), also cash
Diligent postal worker in Sanur shows excitement for his work

Meticulous postal worker in Japan reviews postage and addressing for accuracy
Mr. Scales reviews his dossier with a lovely coffee
Indeed, Mr. Scales’ dossier contained an assortment of vaguely important items
Letter for Ladies, written in Bahasa and accessorized with affection
From my 2019 New Years Meditation series, “Fuck Stats, Make Art” as documented by recipient upon silver tray
Another from the New Years Meditations series, this one, “Always be Kind” captured inefficiently with charming sentiments included
Another capture of another treat send to another friend in another country :)
Leah and Jen received a deluxe set of poetry, Lomo photos and insta-snap of me in a moustache at some point – the timeline is a bit hazy but the smile is luminescent)
Sometimes mail actually finds me where i am! More on this another time… but in this case, Sri Lanka from a young artist made for a lovely treat
an assortment of stamps required to transmit this packet to intended address
at least 2 of these items displayed on a commemorative wall are from me to a friend who often changes countries, like i do
though valid for postage at some point, in this case the triangular stamp from Ecuador is used for sealing an envelope – and possibly confusing postal workers
oftentimes i minimize personal cards to create a bit of mystery and confusion as to who crafted and sent the dispatch
SPH in Toronto paired his envelope with the saintly Neil Young – i would write to him but do not have an address
Various supplies used by this curious correspondent, pens (variety, in jar), pencil kits, stack of notebooks, various papers