Guest book at Ceningan Resort on Nusa Cenengan, Bali, Indonesia

No secret that I love to make scrapbooks – both building them and filling them – and sometimes even encourage my friends to do so. In this case, Robert Scales made one as a guestbook for his resort in Bali.

I gave it a little tuneup and encouragement and then, it lived at the bar and was filled with wonderful words until… One day, the bar burned down and sadly, the book with it (plus all kinds of great ephemera he had collected from world travels including loads from his home province in Quebec, unlike the booze, irreplaceable objects d’ art). I’m glad some of these comments are preserved digitally as well as the Curious George cover and board-game backboard.

Robert says:

When I was in Canada in March 2015, my friend Dave Olson hosted an old fashion art workshop and we made scrap books one afternoon. I made this “Guest book” for Ceningan Resort so that our guests can write about their experience while staying and diving with us. I wanted to share with you some of the analogue comments people wrote over the past 6 months. Thank you Dave for inspiring this project and everyone who has contributed to it this far! I will add more to this album as the pages fill up.

Seems like he needs a new one, so maybe I need to make a trip there to deliver who’s coming with me?

Robert Scales shared Ceningan Resort‘s album — feeling inspired at Ceningan Resort18 August 2016 · Lembongan, Indonesia

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