Artifact: “Sticker Walls” etc (various dives), vol. 1

location: somewhere in Austin, Texas (i think)

Here and there i see “sticker walls” in various bars, toilet rooms of bars, taverns, dives of all sorts, or sometimes coffee shops – maybe – but mostly bars and toiletrooms of bars. So i take photos sometimes, especially since a pal in Squamish mentioned his affinity towards same and another pal from Whalley sometimes shares photos of crappy bar toilets and ask “where’s the sh!tter?” 

So anyhow, here are some photos with minor annotations if recalled – no accuracy intended or implied. There are others, we’ll start with these and call the assortment which appears, Vol. 1 of a possible series. Also, these make the best and worst computer screen “wallpapers” too. Tip: Give a try. 

probably somewhere in Austin, Texas again (really no idea)
hmmm, really not sure… dang mirror is no use though…

detail of above included as thought might help me remember where, but nope… 
hmmm… seems i should know where this one is…
lots of stickers, no clue where
this one is Parkway Tavern in Las Vegas… totally unimpressive wall of marketing mediocrity but wanted to show that i did know where at least one photo is from
recognize this place? me neither
exact details unclear but somewhere around Whidbey Island, Washington State, near a US Navy flying base.
OK, OK, this is Winter’s Tavern “No Crap on Tap” in the fog town of Pacfica, CA – Ding ding.
This is same place, same wall as above but a year or two apart – this becomes like archeology when layers of stickers layer up and up creating eras of ephemera
Same place, Winter’s Tavern in Pacifica, California… noting Decry sticker especially. Mens toilet room door.
Companion piece to previous, still Winter’s Tavern which feature 2 toilets (among other amenities)  
this one seems so familiar, and with City Lights, various Grateful Dead, lots of Olympia, painters and beers, I should know but just don’t – it’ll come to me eventually and then i’ll let you know – is it yours?

Whatcha think?