Momentos: Barbers, various (vol. 1, domestic)

Scotty, the man who made me dig haircuts. He plays country punk, served me a bevvie and gave me laughs.

While i started enjoying haircuts when i found a barber shop which also offered libations, good tunes, pinball and the like,… since “the illness” I made a list of things I can do which involves sitting down, but gets me out of the house, and leaves me with a feeling of satisfaction.

These include: making scrapbooks, seeing matinée movies, sitting in parks under a tree, getting my beard professionally trimmed (rather than chopping at it myself) plus trim up the haircut,… as well as pedicures documented elsewhere.

While rambling, i like to seek out the hole-in-the-wall, no fuss, traditional barbers and enjoy a leisurely visit. Its hit or miss sometimes but ya know, hair grows back right?

This is Mr. Bong who’s shop in Las Vegas is hidden down corridors of a less-attractive hotel, the decorations are cheap and cheesy and location lousy but the cut and company great. He called my cut something… something to do with my affection for writing poetry… i can’t recall though i recall his name, Bong.

Sometimes, not always, i grab a snap with the barber or the shop or me before and after… sometimes i don’t so you won’t see those. Oh sometimes i recall names and/or locations, this is not meant to be comprehensive, just amusing and vaguely documentary.

This assortment features barbers in Canada and USA, moreorless (pending).

This gent in Vancouver gave me muttonchops one time. Not this time apparently. In fact hardly looks like a haircut, of the beard looks good though.

This kindly handsome fella in Victoria gave me a birthday cut when i was having a real hard stretch. I recall him being empathic and his hair is great. The barber shop was a bit *too hip* and loud/hectic i also recall.

Me and aforementioned Mr. Bong with borther Anders in mirror taking the photos – as noted by the flag, Mr. bong is Filipino and true to reputation, cheerful, friendly and hardworking.

In Logan, Utah, this recent immigrant from Mexico cut my hair. We enjoyed our time despite language barrier and wished him well in his new environs. I may be wearing lederhosen in this shot.

This is funny as i went to a downtown Vancouver shop and was given a full product treatment. My look in the camera is both confusion and surprise. The beard is shortly trimmed. I did not return.

I don’t have a photo of a personal haircut by legendary garage blues guitar slinger/barber Rich Hope of Vancouver but i do have Kenji (Kenzo!) at a music fest where Rich had a tent set up where he obliged Kenji’s request for a mohawk/mullet hybrid of some sort. Rich is an ultimate dude.

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