Mementos: Barbers, various (vol. 2, international)

a pre-haircut pose in a Jamaican shop – Jamaica might have the best all-around barbers of any country. PS photo taken with analog Lomo sardine can camera

While i started enjoying haircuts when i found a barber shop which also offered libations, good tunes, pinball and the like, since “the illness” I made a list of things I can do which involves sitting down, but gets me out of the house, and leaves me with a feeling of satisfaction.

These include: making scrapbooks, seeing matinée movies, sitting in parks under a tree, getting my beard professionally trimmed (rather than chopping at it myself) plus trim up the haircut,… as well as pedicures documented elsewhere.

While rambling, i like to seek out the hole-in-the-wall, no fuss, traditional barbers and enjoy a leisurely visit. Its hit or miss sometimes but ya know, hair grows back right? Sometimes, not always, i grab a snap with the barber or the shop or me before and after… sometimes i don’t so you won’t see those.

Oh sometimes i recall names and/or locations, this is not meant to be comprehensive, just amusing and vaguely documentary. This assortment features barbers in international locations (meaning *not* Canada and USA), moreorless (pending).

action shot at another barber in Jamaica
getting a “gentleman’s mullet” tuned up in La Paz, Mexico
a fun experience in Phitsanulok Thailand in a wildly “decorated” barber shop which included straight-razor trim

trust exercise in Phitsanulok, Thailand
proper full service treatment at this classic shop
left an Ayruvedic clinic in Kerala, India for a trim with this fella
cutting off the beard in Pokhara, Nepal as the oil from Ayurvedic treatment was making beardlife a bit messy (revealing chubby chin! yikes)
extra meta shot of above in Pokhara, Nepal
posing with Pokhara barber while sporting my new custom made hemp shirt and red velvet vest
this jolly gent cut me up in Colombo, Sri Lanka
the “saloon” in Colombo, Sri Lanka bore the name of the infamous British Admiral
peeking in the door of Lord Nelson saloon
another trim up in Sri Lanka, vaguely near Galle
the “after” photo of one of the Jamaican haircuts which began this collection
the “after” photo of another of the Jamaican haircuts which began this collection
a stop off somewhere around Denpasar, Indonesia for a trim and cut in a affable atmosphere
in my return to Misasa on sen (hot spring) town in Tottori-ken, Japan brought a visit with this barber who filled his shop with classic Americana accruements

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