Postboxes (and related items): mostly in/around Okayama, Japan

postal coin banks, envelope-esque pencil / pen holder, paintings of post boxes in Vaticane and Olympia, Greece as seen at Tsuchida Cottage

As will no doubt be *not shocking* I have quite-literally hundreds of photos of post boxes around the world, as well as other postal type artefacts – from “still lifes” of writing letters, to random global stamps, to paintings of post boxes etc. etc.

postboxes in a magazine seen at, yup, the Shinogoze post office

While I made a book out of some of the artifacts {Post’d: Letters to Elsewhere}, most don’t have a “permanent home” here in this creative life archive and well, it’s a bit of a daunting task to do *all of this all at once* so sometimes a collection just sort of falls together around a theme and says (metaphorically, i hope) “hey, this seems nice” and here is one of those times.

postal code mark as seen painted onto the street

In this case, a few post boxes – both for sending and receiving – in and around my Tsuchida neighbourhood and Okayama at large, and a few other snaps that friends here sent me (i think, sometimes i don’t know if took the photo or someone else did, no offence intended if i mistook).

No doubt this post could go on and on but instead I’ll say, “Here are some postal items, please enjoy (and remix as desired)”.

simple, rustic delivery box in the neighbourhood

Note: i have meant to start participating in #postboxsaturday Twitter activity, maybe this’ll help me start.

i always feel like “bonus points” are awarded when i spot a postbox and payphone next to each other like ole pals
a quirky post box and tube for newspaper (i think a friend sent this? was it you?) thanks!
a house in the neighbourhood with a sweet Gnome, Namaste sign and rustic wood post delivery box
it *looks* like Thailand but don’t be fooled, this is a Thai restaurant in Okayama (west exit of station), unless I’m completely mistaken, which is possible
this strong and rugged post box in the neighbourhood – with a bright typeface – looks like a robot ready to come alive and say “Arigato”
representative of the standard-issue postbox seen most commonly around, this one just happened to have a photo taken of it
here’s the same sort of standard-issue unit but the one I use most frequently, sits right next to the community fire alarm bell a couple minutes walk from the house, noble in it’s rusted utility
same post box but this time with its “mouth full” – maybe one of these letters was for you? did you receive it? i hope so
just to make sure you are paying attention… this is a heater, i had just fixed the cord the rabbit chewed through and was feeling quite proud…
the “pillar” style of post boxes are still common in Japan and sometimes get a special decoration, I think this was sent by my acquaintance Judith but again, I’m not quite sure
another pillar type spotted on a family trip to Yubara hot springs right by the station, got several fine post boxes on the strip which may eventually appear in a diary but in the meanwhile…
another postal coin bank, I’ve sort of accidentally collected a whole bunch of different sizes of these, the post office also serves as a basic bank but, strangely, it’s very difficult to deposit coins into banks now, not sure what to do about this but in the meantime, I put the coins in here
at the risk of being redundant, you may have seen this post box displayed elsewhere as it’s here at our house, delicately balance on an old wooden chair
this one is trying to disguise itself as a leaf, but no fooling us, right?
another simple delivery box being a bit sneaky hiding in a barn / but it’s got the mark so it counts
a postal delivery box at a cute house we pass on the way to the nursery school. i really want one like this “just because” but as you might expect, it’s a little bit expensive – although it’s a great way to have packages dropped off safely
another glorious “pillar style” box in some sort of splendid red granite. Did I take this photo? I’m not exactly sure it seems familiar but maybe because they look at it often. Regardless, here it is waiting for your letter, or is it? the door seems ajar
File this under “collages“ and take it to go as a compilation of others in this collection and well, other collections
there we go, only approximately 750 more post boxes to go, but these ones are special because they’re all in my circle of existence. thanks for hanging out, dvo