Podcasting for Social Change – Net Tuesday4 with DaveO and All-Star Panel

What: Net Tuesday4 – Podcasting for Social Change

When: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 5:30 PM!

Where: WorkSpace
400, 21 Water St.
Vancouver BC
V6B 1A1

More: Meetup, Facebook Event

Sponsors: Communicopia, Social Signal, and WorkSpace

Topic: Ways Non-profits/Social Change orgs can use podcasts to spread their message

Three ways:
1) publishing conferences and repurposing stuff you are already making
2) event and campaign crowd coverage (including micro podcasting i.e. utterz)
3) special reports interviews etc.

To make it easy, we’ll cover:
1) planning
2) producing tips (with toys to demo)
3) publishing/promoting


dave olson – moderator/podcaster
john bollwitt – podcaster and audio engineer
rob cottingham – social change technologist
roland tanglao – mobile pundit and tech-evangelist

4 thoughts on “Podcasting for Social Change – Net Tuesday4 with DaveO and All-Star Panel”

  1. Thanks mucho Kevan – your questions were well appreciated too. I sure enjoy making these little audio nuggets and using the episodes are agents of inspiration and change.

    As for Starbucks, i am a surly disliker of those usurpers of Melville’s character’s publicity rights ;-) so unlikely to find me around the mermaid. On the Drive, I like Continental and Turks. However, I mostly spend my days in Gastown or North Van with occasional forays to Coal Harbour and festivals and markets here and there. Six Acres and Irish Heather (or the dirty ole Cambie) are my usual bevvie spots – expect when on Seabus time when a quick Porter or Nut Brown at the yuppie-laden Steamworks is the key to a successful voyage.

    Got more podcasts questions? If you’re buying, i’ll be answering. …

  2. Dave: Fabulous moderatin’ at The Thing on Tuesday. I was the gentleman unto whom you bestowed the hemp hat. I learned a ton, and about 47% of it was from stuff YOU were saying.

    Also, were you by any chance at Starbucks on Commercial and Broadway yesterday around 3:30? Wait, is that a creepy question?