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Leaping Beyond Cynicism – Postcard #64

leaping beyong cynicism

In tumultuous and confusing times, optimism and activism are the powerful antidotes for cynicism and fear. Two Bills share songs to assist in making this point.

First B/William Lenker plays a spontaneous Squatters in Zion from his Steamboat Island woodshop, then Dave spiels about courageous – and sadly deceased Olympian – Rachel Corrie, followed by Billy Bragg vehemently spieling on stage before a rollicking snippet of his Great Leap Forward from Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre.

Activate + edify thyself with: Leaping Beyond Cynicism – Postcard #64 (14:24, 26MB, .mp3, stereo)

Cover art: Smashed plaque which marked where Benito Mussolini was shot, as seen at The Coliseum, Rome.

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A New England – Billy Bragg Live At The Union Chapel

Billy Bragg Live At The Union Chapel CD/DVD Out 14th April 2014 www.billybragg.co.uk  Here he sings the bitter-sweet ballad “A New England” at Wembley (not sure what’s the deal with the different venues names but i just like the song…)

Freshened up the music stash…

Freshened up the music stash with live recordings from archive.org -including Warren Zevon, Billy Bragg, Jack Johnson, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Burns


Heroes X 2 @corydoctorow and Billy Bragg

Heroes X 2 @corydoctorow and Billy Bragg http://bit.ly/10bYLP – sweetopian panel

Billy Bragg and me, Convention on Modern Liberty, London, UK.JPG

Two Country Election Fest – Choogle on #70

Heading out to vote in his riding in BC, Uncle Weed rallies to a secondary voting location at the last minute while spieling about the election process, political parties and vast timezones. After filling out his Canadian ballot, he returns home to drink hot toddies, get baked and fill out his USA ballot while riffing about the left vote split resulting in the Canadian Conservative minority government, and expressing hope for good times ahead. Folk singer (and personal hero) Billy Bragg provides poignant music to inspire keeping faith in democracy.

Cast your vote for Two Country Election Fest – Choogle on #70 (.mp3, 40:45, 38MB)

Two Country Election Fest
Art’ed up by Bread the Producer


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Finding Faith in the Folk at SXSW – Choogle On #63

Finding Faith in the Folk

In a couple joint sessions on the balcony at SXSW, Uncle Weed recaps seeing (and meeting) folk-hero Billy Bragg at Cedar Street Courtyard documentary film about Dr. Hunter S. Thompson called Gonzo, plus seeing Athens rockers The Whigs at Stubbs, New Zealand experiential phenom Liam Finn at the Alehouse, and Canadian legends Blue Rodeo and friends (including Tom Cochran) at the Smokehouse – before fading from party exhaustion and happiness. Plus expresses concerns about expensive water, cigarette marketing, “unofficial” festivals and extreme douche bags.

Perhaps you’ll consider Finding Faith in the Folk at SXSW – Choogle on #63 (.mp3, 31:43, 26MB)

 Photo by tangentman – Arted up by Uncle Weed

Dedication: The lonesome death of Rachel Corrie by Billy Braggdownload (MP3): The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie from the Guardian UK)

Music by: Joey DeVilla AKA The Accordion Guy, Austin Convention Center

and of course, the legend Billy Bragg from Cedar Street Courtyard, Austin, TX