Two Country Election Fest – Choogle On! #70

Two Country Election Fest – Choogle on #70

Art’ed up by Bread the Producer

Heading out to vote in his riding in BC, Uncle Weed rallies to a secondary voting location at the last minute while spieling about the election process, political parties and vast timezones.

After filling out his Canadian ballot, he returns home to drink hot toddies, get baked and fill out his USA ballot while riffing about the left vote split resulting in the Canadian Conservative minority government, and expressing hope for good times ahead. Folk singer (and personal hero) Billy Bragg provides poignant music to inspire keeping faith in democracy.

Cast your vote for Two Country Election Fest – Choogle on #70 (.mp3, 40:45, 38MB)

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2 thoughts on “Two Country Election Fest – Choogle On! #70”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the bi-national electoral digest, Dear Dave. Much fun I had and admiration I express to you for all the fine stuff you do and produce!

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