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Marketing Master Class (on notes)

Everything about building a brand, community and marketing is on these cards.

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This is not a thread or enticement to join a mailing list, membership or chat server.

Just gateways to a bigger world. Ergo:

Choose a topic card, a story or spiel may follow – or likely already exists – at archive

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Riff: community building, fundraising & cross-cultural communication

Dave on Hootbus, SxSW 2012, photo by KK

Regarding “community building”:

Harnessing the passion and enthusiasm for business or artistic pursuits requires most importantly, giving respect to the community itself.

It’s a common mistake of taking the audience for granted must be avoided by:

  • carefully listening
  • sharing accolades
  • frequently communicating about forward momentum

As well as off-line tactics, including:

  • exclusive swag
  • unique meet ups
  • other events like workshops, conferences or even concerts

And – depending on the community’s purpose – fundraising,.. ergo: whether for political campaigns, new businesses, or artistic pursuits, there are also lots of methods for soliciting funding using technology, social messaging and pledges.

The common string between all of them though is having a ability to articulate a clear message of what the money is for, and what the giver gets out of the deal whether that be stock, prestige, good karma or a pre-release of goods operations marketing strategy.

Any successful marketing campaign will have:

  • clear objectives
  • a sensible timeline
  • and many forms of messaging tune for specific channels and audiences

One size or message does not fit all… so reach your audience on the medium they desire to be communicated through, and with a message that’s custom tailored to what they want, not what you want to say. 

Cross-cultural communication:

Beyond language translation, communicating across geographical and cultural borders requires an understanding of the audience, their needs and desires and an understanding of conventions in order to share messages with nuance and authenticity.

This can’t happen in a vacuum – rather requires true integration and understanding of the culture in order to importantly show respect, and also importantly, avoid gaffes which cause embarrassment and send you backwards on your quest.

Community + Freemium = Start up Magic, Hootsuite Community

Recently, Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes posted an article in his LinkedIn influencer column “Two Lean Startup Hacks to Get Millions of New Customers | Ryan Holmes | LinkedIn” to discuss some key tactics we used to build Hootsuite in the early days: freemium + community.

I am especially proud of the community focused narrative of which I’ll share a bit here:

Investing in Community-Building Programs  

But it’s important to note that freemium was just one part of our formula for user growth. Another big piece of the puzzle was investing in a fully functional community department at Hootsuite. In many startups, the community team – if there’s one at all – is treated as an extension of marketing or customer support. While their ostensible role may be “building a community” of users, they spend a lot of their time pitching products and fielding help calls.

Our community department, by contrast, didn’t have direct sales or support responsibilities. Instead, their primary mandate was to help people who already knew and loved our product connect with one another. They built out social media channels in a half-dozen key languages, enabling users around the world to share updates and learn about Hootsuite news and events. And they organized crowd-sourced translation efforts, recruiting international users to adapt our interface into local languages, everything from German and Italian to Thai and Chinese. (Amazingly, translations were volunteer-driven – motivated by love of the technology and a liberal helping of swag, i.e. stickers, t-shirts and cuddly stuffed animals inspired by our owl logo.)

Online efforts were supplemented by old-fashioned face-to-face events. In emerging markets, the community team helped users organize hundreds of free meetups (branded as “HootUps”), where people could get together and trade Hootsuite tips. Ultimately, a network of hundreds of volunteer “ambassadors” around the world took shape, enthusiastic users who spread the word about Hootsuite in their countries. Many of these ambassadors, not surprisingly, were bloggers, consultants and marketers who just so happened to have large online audiences of their own.

Cumulatively, these projects gave us entree into new markets, initiating the viral chain of adoption in other countries and spreading Hootsuite far beyond its original North American user base.

via Two Lean Startup Hacks to Get Millions of New Customers | Ryan Holmes | LinkedIn.

Community Management on the Go ~ Video with DaveO

Aboard the beloved SeaBus, I share some handy tips for managing brand communities from wherever you are including insider tips about how i use HootSuite to build HootSuite #meta.

Originally appeared in the HootSource blog.

Social HR and and International Culture – a soliloquy

Not All Skills Fit on Resume cake by Destin (photo credit ?)
Not All Skills Fit on Resume cake by Destin (photo credit ?)

Using social media and community-building tactics for various HR-related objectives including: recruiting quality by tracking and amplifying stories, fostering company culture, and spreading messages across borders. 

Dave Olson (then VP Community at Hootsuite – a social media management software company) gives a fast-paced and candid talk about using social media and community-building tactics for various HR-related objectives including: recruiting quality talent by tracking and amplifying stories, fostering company culture (especially in time of international growth), and spreading messages across borders. Includes many examples and anecdotes. 

Recorded in 2012 at unknown location/circumstance.  

Listen to: Social HR and and International Culture – a soliloquy (33MB, 192k mp3, 23:37)

Add a Feather to your Cap ~ Join the @HootClub

From the archive for historical record (and to recall the efforts of me and my marketing/community/international teams at Hootsuite) – of course, i no longer work at/with the company and this is not official in any way, was once part of the public internet. #AlwaysBeArchiving

Owly Machu Picchu

Big Hoots & Pro Tips for Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

From the archive for historical record (and to recall the efforts of me and my marketing/community/international teams at Hootsuite) – of course, i no longer work at/with the company and this is not official in any way – this content was once part of the public internet. #AlwaysBeArchiving

HootSuite for Community Managers

Big Hoots & Pro Tips for Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

Archived here as reference to work performed as VP Community at Hootsuite. THIS IS NOT *OFFICIAL* – carry on

Owly in your hands

To see what hijinks HootSuite’s planned for #CMAD 2013, read our trusty primer: Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Continue reading Big Hoots & Pro Tips for Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

International #HootTour- Tokyo, New York, Madrid ~ Oh My!

From the archive for historical record (and to recall the efforts of me and my marketing/community/international teams at Hootsuite) – of course, i no longer work at/with the company and this is not official in any way – was once part of the public internet. #AlwaysBeArchiving

HootSuite at Squamish
With winter just around the corner, hockey season starting up and snow falling in the mountains above HootSuite HQ, we find our speaking Owls knee deep in HootSuite events.

In the last Event Round-up, we were in San Francisco, Austin, Boston and Virtual Space. Taking HootSuite stories to audiences at Gravity Summit, ITEXPO and Dreamforce. In this month’s round-up, we’ll show you where our Owls were in attendance as well as give you a sneak peak into where we’re headed next.

Where We’ll Be Hooting

Moving forward through time, we’re sending HootSuiters out to more conferences in more locations. Check out the posts below to see if there will be an Owl in your nest this month.


AdTech Tokyo Japan HootSuite

Keep a sharp eye out for Owly at this Japanese conference taking place in Tokyo. This is the 3rd time this interactive advertising and digital marketing exhibition has been held in Japan. Last year they saw over 10,000 attendees within two days and this year they’re expecting more of the same.

AdTech Japan

Along with Owly, we’ll be sending Matt Switzer, VP of Corporate Development at HootSuite. We’ll also be reaching out to our Japanese friends to continue building relationships, so if you see him around feel free to say hi and bug him for some #HootKits.

If you want to work with HootSuite in Japan, follow this link: http://ow.ly/6VpQW to learn more.

Pivot Con

Pivot Con 2011

This year, New York will be hosting Pivot Conference: The Rise of the Social Consumer. This conference is spearheaded by Brian Solis who is also the Conference Producer. HootSuite has been named the “official” Twitter platform for Pivot so follow @PivotCon for all the latest updates.

Pivot Con takes place during Social Week that hosts 24 events over 6 days through October 16-21. For those at Social Week interested in a little more relaxed environment, check out the Social Week cocktail party. HootSuite will be helping to put this event on so make sure you drop by for some refreshing bevies.

Web Congress Madrid

Our very own Daniel Robles has been uprooted from the HootSuite HQ in Vancouver to work from Spain and in doing so he’ll be speaking at WebCongress in Madrid. This networking conference is bringing in some heavy hitters with Google, Blackberry, and Bwin.com sending speakers to the event.

Vancouver Enterprise Forum


Vancouver Enterprise Forum hosts eight premium networking events that involve in depth discussions in the local Vancouver area. This specific event will be geared toward “Freemium – Free-conomics and Monetization“. HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, will be one of three CEO’s speaking about frontline battles with earning money from your startup.

Also speaking at the event will be Alex Sakiz, CEO of Gamerizon, Fred Speckeen CEO of Advanced Econonmic Research Systems Inc. and Terapeak, as well as Eric Diep from A Thinking Ape. For those in the Vancouver area looking for some real world conversation about earning cash for your business, this is event is a must.

Where We’ve Been Hooting

Here’s a quick recap of the events we attended in the past month.

Social Media Week: Real Estate Track

Bocar Dia rocked the house during Social Media week in Vancouver with a presentation on Social Strategy for Real Estate Agents. During this session, Bocar was joined by @SJagger, @thinktomdotcom, @debra11, @KyeGrace, @sdd, and @cliffstevenson. There were some great stories and tactics shared amongst real estate agencies from all around the area.

Ceilis Pub Vancouver

Check out some of the post-event Blogs here:

Ubertor |   ScottDawson.ca |   CB Bain |   TLC Rant and Rave

Digital East

Next on the #HootTour was Greg Gunn‘s presentations at Digital East, the event counterpart to Digital West. Here he spoke at two different sessions. The first was on Social Media Tactics: Monitoring and Measuring at Digital East’s pre-conference event. The second was on how to Use Tools to Mine Social Media Gold.

Greg nailed both topics and his presentation on Social Media Tactics: Monitoring and Measuring hit the front page of SlideShare within minutes of taking the stage. Twitter was also a buzz with Tweets about Gregs presentation.

Greg Gunn Digital East Twitter HootSuiteGreg Gunn Digital East Twitter HootSuiteGreg Gunn Digital East Twitter HootSuite

Social Media for Government

This meetup in Victoria, BC played host to Dave Olson, Director of Marketing at HootSuite. The event’s focus was on how governments can utilize the social media revolution to build communities and share stories. Dave curated an extensive talk during the program, which resulted in some stimulating conversation centred around his presentation. You can view the presentation here: Community Building Making Friends, Sharing Stories.

Keeping it in true Canadian style, Dave walked out the door of HootSuite HQ and flew out to Victoria in a float plane provided by local airline Harbor Air. Owly, also made the trip and had a hand in flying the plane. Luckily Owly is a natural pilot and everyone on the flight landed without a hitch.

Owly Flying to Victoria


For the past five years, MeshWest has provided Western Canada with a series of conferences centered on how the Web is changing how we live, work, and play. HootSuite’s Scott Walker joined the conversation in Edmonton where he sat on a panel with Allyson Simpson from Osum Oil Sands, to discuss social media programs and the tactics Canadian business are attempting.


Resident speaking pro and HootSuite Enterprise Educator, Kemp Edmonds, attended Impact99 in Sqaumish, BC. Impact99 is an innovative HR conference about the convergence of social technologies and HR.

Here Kemp moderated the main panel discussion on social media and HR, as well as coached teams of 8. The team element of the event was a competition where the teammates were tasked with trying out certain social media and technology Tools. Kemp’s team created a fictional recruiting video for a fictional company.They played off of Mad TV’s recurring sketch about a dating service called “Lowered Expectations“. Kemp Impact99 HootSuite

Keep Your Eye on the Owl

If you’re looking for a way to keep up on where HootSuite is speaking next, the best way to stay updated is on the HootSuite Events page. Also, follow @HootSuiteEvents for the latest on HootSuite event news and speaking content.

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Hootsuite Celebrates Japan 日本 Anniversary (with message from CEO Ryan Holmes and Owly), 2011

A spontaneous video to recap the localization activities done for Japan by HootSuite led by Dave Olson including: app translation, customer support system, social media channels, kei-teinphone version, mixi app integration, Owly stickers – and a visit by the CEO to Japan to meet with companies, partners, ambassadors and media.