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Canucks Outsider podcast episode art archive

Canucks Outsider podcast episode art archive

Canucks Outsider in the Fanzone and Transit etc.

on the bus with kirk mclean

The Crazy Canucks by miss604.

The Crazy Canucks Podcast JJ, and DaveO with Richard Loat – Credit: Tracy Kiley-Guerrero

The Canucks Fanzone launches with the Crazy Canucks all over it

meet the montage

Here’s the page for the Canucks Outsider on the Fanzone

Canucks Outsider podcast on Canucks.com Fanzone

Dave-spotting on the bus
cloning an army of robotic poets

JJ, Richard and I became the poster boys for many things

fan frenzy

DaveO & Richard are ALL over GM Place by miss604.

recording in process…

54-40 sounding sooo good on English Bay on Vancouver’s hottest day #shorefest – recording in process http://twitpic.com/c3hxe

Podcast Workflow, Editing Tips and Episode Preview

A few podcasts in process and notes on production workflow and podcast making:

Podcasts in Process

Choogle montage – handful of clips which never got a finish (or a beginning), or were too loud, or too without context – i think they could be remixed into a unique show with some music and loops and sound bites from the clips – it’s kinda a mess and a vague idea but there’s something decent there – kinda of a LSD mop-up tray

Clayoquot series – a bunch of audio clips which are disorganized and possibly out of sequence. need to sort em out into episodes length chunks – there are a few show length chunks i.e. the logging/fishing interview, reservation spiel, and some other poetry and essay bits for Postcards from Gravelly Beach – literature show – UNDERWAY

Last voter in Canada – this is the old election show mentioned in the new election show – my experience voting and then a post-vote party with noise and commentary – a bunch of clips to sort, levelate and arrange but could be a gooder

HempenRoad – While on a mountain ramble, Uncle Weed recounts the HempenRoad film project, a mixed media travel documentary about the commercial industrial hemp industry in Cascadia in 1996.

SXSW – 3 flase starts on this preview and recap of 2009 sxsw and my F@ck Stats, Make  Art lecture

Lt Magnum – interview with US Navy officer back from Iraq and Philipines taking military life, seabees and beer

Tribute to the Fonz – My pal Gazoo died last April – i recorded my thoughts on the dock of Harrison lake

Keys to a solid episode

1) Tell a story (often requires rearranging clips to create a narrative – add some music to give the folks time to reflect and chill as needed)
2) Remove douche-baggery (yeah sometimes there are false starts, stupid comments, missteps, self-indulgent crap and people calling “dave” – all that goes)
3) Sonically comfortable (export as AIFF, normalize/compress using Levelator, then convert to .mp3, listen and re-export til it sounds sweetopian)
Download this: http://www.conversationsnetwork.org/levelator

Complete show pack


* Episode – 128K stereo mp3, levelated
* ID3 tags (title, description, lyrics, art)
* Album art (photo edited in PS or flickr/picnik)
* Blog post with show notes/links with footer

Workflow Summary

1. Record mucho audio on M-Audio Microtrak or iPhone >

2. Import raw files to iTunes and listen to raw clips while riding transit >

3. Ferment for 6 months to 3 years for “seasoning” >

4. Either a) talk someone into editing it based on my cuts, or b) use Garage Band to build the episode by adding themes, music, anecdotes and such

5. Export/listen/fix-it-up/export/listen – happy? Export as AIFF> Levelate > Convert to mp3 > Add Meta ID3 Data (title, descrip, album art)

6. Upload via to a web dir via FTP

7. Create blog post (free wordpress.com blog) with description, links, album art, etc. >

8. Publish and flow feed to Feedburner > iTunes etc. Announce to folks, have a toke >

9. Repeat over and over For the People!


M-Audio Microtrak – record almost everything on this – battery life is the weak point, otherwise very nice

Sony stereo mic – Same as Father Roderick – gives great stereo separtation for sound-seeing

Koss Sterophones – You are gonna have cans on a lot, get good one, I prefer Koss over any other i’ve tried

M-Audio Solo Firewire Interface and desk mic for home recording

Playoff Tension with Canucks Outsider on Early Edition – CBC Radio (2009)

dave at cbc early edition

With an impending elimination game versus Chicago coming up, Canucks Outsider Dave Olson joins CBC Radio 1’s Rick Cluff to talk playoff predictions and beards.

Playoff Tension with Canucks Outsider on Early Edition – CBC Radio (5:20, 4MB, 64k mp3)

Podcasting Legal Guide – CC Wiki

Podcasting Legal Guide – CC Wiki

Canucks Have the Power! – Canucks Outsider #70

With the quest for Lord Stanley’s underway, Canucks Outsider returns with a soliloquy of the season, invite for Alive for the Playoffsand an interview on CBC Radio 1 Early Edition discussing momentum, Sundin, depth, expectations and Blues’ TJ Oshee.

Download/Listen to: Canucks Have the Power! – Canucks Outsider #70 (.mp3, 11:48, 16MB)

Subscribe: Canucks Outsider podcast Feed and/or iTunes

Canucks Have the Power!

Music and Poetry by:

The Black Tories “Ghost in the Machine”

CSuspect “Waiting for my man (remixd)”

Album art: photo by Digital K Van, art’ed up by Dave in Picnik

See also: The Crazy Canucks – a fan/blogger roundtable podcast


Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs 2009 Preview – We have the Power!

Alive for the Playoffs Preview

With the Canucks leading us into what could be the most thrilling Spring in recent Vancouver’s history, Canucks Outsider will be Alive for the Playoffs with a live video companion webcast on select playoff games. Join in the fun with live chat, trivia, memorabilia, hi-jinks, beer, interviews and anecdotes.

Alive for the Playoffs 2009 - We have the Power!

It’s a Montage!

Here’s some video montage action to getcha stoked!

The first Alive session is Friday, April 17 for Game 2 as the Canucks look to go 2-0 on the St. Louis Blues. Hop online at 6:45 while we scramble to transform the Hockey Lounge for your viewing pleasure.

Opening Lineups

Guests in this first session will include the wise Dan Funboy, England’s The Fossil, Kyle from Switzerland, plus a Moose call to Winnipeg, and possibly the Quebecois Correspondent and who knows what mayhem might occur!

Next Friday (if necessary) we’ll fire it up again and may have Black Ice writer Joe Tory (who also performs Canucks Outsider Season 4 intro song) who will be at the rink for Game 2.

More Alive for the Playoffs

Wondering what this is all about? Here’s a link pack from 2007 playoff run with 4 Alive for the Playoff episodes vs. Dallas and Anaheim.

Dave's Don Cherry Jacket and Tie at Canucks Outsider Live Game 6 - Image437 by roland. 








Alive for Game Five! Canucks Outsider Servin’ it up Homestyle tonight

Firing it Up Live Game 4 vs Ducks Tonight – Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs Rolls on

Alas a Loss … but Good Times Anyhow … right?

C’est le Toque!!! Canucks beat Stars in Seven!

Game 6 Alive for the Playoffs Wrap-up and Thanks

Vancouver Courier Newspaper Spreading the Canucks Outsider Mojo

CBC Radio One 2007-04-20 – Dave and Roland


Video editing by Kyle Zahar with photos by DaveO, Rebecca Miss604 Bollwitt and John Radio Zoom Bollwitt and others ….

“We have the power” by Garry Chalk the real life voice of He-Man


Podcasting for Social Change | Digital Doodles

Podcasting for Social Change | Digital Doodles

Canucks Outsider in L’Express du Pacifique talking fan culture

Canucks Outsider in L’Express du Pacifique talking fan culture