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3 Postboxes with cat (Kathmandu) / acrylic etc.

Postboxes (Kathmandu) / acrylic etc – Painting
Postboxes (Kathmandu) / acrylic etc

3 Postboxes with cat (Kathmandu, Nepal)
acrylic etc on stretched canvas
Summer 2019

daveo + ryoko

Thank-you Cards (“making of” and delivery evidence) / Kekkon-shiki

settling in for a session of addressing, signing, inking, glueing, stamping and stickering these cards to prepare for a journey

Following our wedding festivities, we dutifully and cheerfully made up several batches of thank you cards to sent to folks who made the trip or sent gifts or letters/cards. 

Thank you card source materials, ready for scissor, glue, ink and substrate
a stack all ready to go, with special stamps and stickers and sparkly envelopes

While each batch of cards was different – and some cards required boxes and packets – the general design aesthetic captured in exquisite little photo essay created by nature photographer Cheryl A. (you should check out her cards for sale) which captures the details of the envelope treatment:

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Postboxes are time/space portals for paper

Postboxes are time/space portals for paper

They go in one slot and somehow arrive at another

Of course, the most critical part of postcards and letters are: a proper address to send it to, and a friend to write.

Also, I like to think about all the hands which touch the card as it makes the journey from my writing desk to a happy (I expect) recipient who peeks in their post box / letter slot and see something other than a utility bill or an bulk/junk mail from a real estate agent. .
I also wonder how the “hand off“ in international mail works from one country to the next.

Do the workers peek at the – almost illegible – scribble on my postcards? .
Do they wonder who wrote the missives and who the recipient is?

Do you think about these logistics & vagaries? Or is it just me?

I think the temptation must be almost irresistible. Especially when they are doing the rounds and a dispatch from some interesting place ends up in their hands.

replies to various messages…

I owe a load of people some replies to various messages but my message queue become overwhelmed with replies from inquiries to far away medical clinics and their dubious schemes. My 4 AM delusions get the best of me sometimes. #trying