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Items: Forgotten / poetry cycles, overview + process thoughts

Items: Forgotten, backgrounder etc

Along the way, I produced a series of visual freeverse poetry called “Items: Forgotten in Drawers“ – part pirate treasure map, part meanderings stashed in a non-secret hiding place, part punk rock handbills.

+ Back Story
The poems started in an Ayurvedic clinic the Himalayas, a ship in Arabia, and ruins around Mediterranean, …then attached to vintage hotel letterhead (much acquired from a tiny Greek Monastery store in a heavily Hasidic neighbourhood Montréal neighbourhood), assembled in off-strip Las Vegas, shared in Utah canyons… and now distributed to points unknown. Further batches were assembled on in a camper truck in Olympic Peninsula, Wa, and later Sanur and Nusa Ceningan, Indonesia with scraps printed here and there.

+ Process
Sometimes, i don’t have a printers, other times no Internet, often no typewriter, so i make do with what i have: scissors, glue, paper… items i can pick up a dusty island shops and forgotten stationery stores.

When i write, (usually) starts as scribbles in notebooks and then gets hastily transcribed into a digital form and printed when opportunity strikes for editing – in this case, the editing leaves errors in typing and structure and instead cuts and pastes (like Burroughs to Bowie would do) and then reassembled in various ways.

+ Form
Each substrate (hotel letterhead, aerogramme, envelope) shown is uniquely augmented with stamps – both postal and ink – and other ephemera, carefully selected and then applied as though it wasn’t.

Sometimes, lettraset letters, fuzzy Lomo photos and bits of typewriter come along.

+ Themes
Overall, the pieces explore themes of wandering lost, losing self and others, scraping beneath the crust of culture and myth, remixing identity, connecting the history to the present in all it’s vagaries, and considering what becomes of our story when we vanish… naturally made with affection.

+ Next
What follows (and brings me here) is another series is queuing up – Vol. 6 “Circumnavigation” spanning cultures, geography, form and accruements.

The first dispatch in the series is a remixing of myself (originally written on 3 postcards and mailed to 3 different people) with insomniac observations about Yangtze River and Shanghai’s absurd skyline as seen from a ship.

As the world burns… a few thoughts about hoarders, hugs and shut-ins

+ Always be Kind (and you hoarders, help out the shut-ins) +

As the world burns, I’m very comfortable with life… Groceries are delivered, i require very little toilet paper, *already* wash my hands because that’s normal, ride the bus when needed, can communicate well enough, and still glad to give hugs to people who want.

Peace to any and all who are stressing or struggling about conundrums in the world during this mighty reset. Need to talk? Hit me up. Take it slow, be safe, always be kind.

I should note that we are running low on peanut butter > remembered before living in Japan, there was no such thing & certainly not the well-priced, organic perfection avail downtown a short bus right away. Though i did find extra jar of persimmon jam in the freezer Hooray!

Anyhow, all of you who are rushing out in fever pitch to try to buy things so you can moan that you can’t, consider putting your energy to helping out the shut-ins who ya know, actually need stuff and have a hard time getting out to get said stuff, these folks often are most venerable to sickness as well so – ya know, mellow out on your hot pockets supply and help and chill out.

photo Charles Lance Tomala, circa 2001

PS All my Morm0n pals are loving their food storage right now ;) well played

…a script we write to tell the story of the life we want to believe we live?

Is ones social media broadcast a script we write to tell the story of the life we want to believe we live?

Truth is that i totally do this. While i advocate radical transparency, my life became weird that past couple years and i use social channels differently. I share what i want my life to be (happiness and adventure) to help thwart the struggles.

Complaining or even talking about my situation (FM/ME, CFS, RLS, CSS…) is super boring to me, i post when i need to feel connected to the outside world by sharing happiness and exclamation points (!) … im not be obscure, i am using channels as a latent sorta support group to generate dopamine hits.

Live where you feel best…

People should flow across borders *at least* as easily as capital moves between countries.

Live where you feel best for your happiness.

Border and Bullets, we’d be better without both. I know the initial shock and “social safety net” would collapse but we need an era of radical community sufficiency.

Borders are a comical concept really. Based on wars and invented ethnic boundaries we contemporary people had nothing to do with.

Language and culture are easily overcome by motivated folks. Ive worked locally in many countries where i didnt speak the language (at first) and immigrants are generally eager to adapt to cultures and expand by adding their own uniqueness.

One’s personal capital moves more easily than one’s body and is more welcome in other lands. But indeed, inequality is the problem my thought is trying to solve. Let people live where they can contribute. Radical self-sufficiency and community.

Portable access to effective healthcare and community support networks. I think the “modern” construct of countries based on old wars and territorial feuds divve’d up the the “winners” are an outmoded concept. I have no delusions that this is imminent but i am someone who rambles widely and see nothing but the commonality between people everywhere. We need affection and care along with food, shelter, clothing and a means to climb Maslow’s hierarchy towards self-determination and fulfillment. #dreamer

another konsumer channel…

Seems we’ve managed to turn a communications revolution into yet another konsumer channel + celeb cheese propagation medium.


considering possibilities in light of conundrums, non sequiters and malaise