As the world burns… a few thoughts about hoarders, hugs and shut-ins

+ Always be Kind (and you hoarders, help out the shut-ins) +

As the world burns, I’m very comfortable with life… Groceries are delivered, i require very little toilet paper, *already* wash my hands because that’s normal, ride the bus when needed, can communicate well enough, and still glad to give hugs to people who want.

Peace to any and all who are stressing or struggling about conundrums in the world during this mighty reset. Need to talk? Hit me up. Take it slow, be safe, always be kind.

I should note that we are running low on peanut butter > remembered before living in Japan, there was no such thing & certainly not the well-priced, organic perfection avail downtown a short bus right away. Though i did find extra jar of persimmon jam in the freezer Hooray!

Anyhow, all of you who are rushing out in fever pitch to try to buy things so you can moan that you can’t, consider putting your energy to helping out the shut-ins who ya know, actually need stuff and have a hard time getting out to get said stuff, these folks often are most venerable to sickness as well so – ya know, mellow out on your hot pockets supply and help and chill out.

photo Charles Lance Tomala, circa 2001

PS All my Morm0n pals are loving their food storage right now ;) well played

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