Live where you feel best…

People should flow across borders *at least* as easily as capital moves between countries.

Live where you feel best for your happiness.

Border and Bullets, we’d be better without both. I know the initial shock and “social safety net” would collapse but we need an era of radical community sufficiency.

Borders are a comical concept really. Based on wars and invented ethnic boundaries we contemporary people had nothing to do with.

Language and culture are easily overcome by motivated folks. Ive worked locally in many countries where i didnt speak the language (at first) and immigrants are generally eager to adapt to cultures and expand by adding their own uniqueness.

One’s personal capital moves more easily than one’s body and is more welcome in other lands. But indeed, inequality is the problem my thought is trying to solve. Let people live where they can contribute. Radical self-sufficiency and community.

Portable access to effective healthcare and community support networks. I think the “modern” construct of countries based on old wars and territorial feuds divve’d up the the “winners” are an outmoded concept. I have no delusions that this is imminent but i am someone who rambles widely and see nothing but the commonality between people everywhere. We need affection and care along with food, shelter, clothing and a means to climb Maslow’s hierarchy towards self-determination and fulfillment. #dreamer

Whatcha think?