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Olympic Outsider podcast available in iTunes

Olympic Outsider podcast available in iTunes

Olympic Outsider podcast host

The Olympic Outsider podcast is available via iTunes for your convenience.


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Winter Olympic Outsider Podcast


Hockey Day Lambasting of the Leafs – Canucks Outsider #47

During CBC’s Hockey Day in Canada, Dan Funboy and Dr. O join Dave Thorvald to discuss the Canucks’ recent success, All-star game voting formats, and Leafs fans, before enjoying the Canucks 6-1 win over the Toronto squad. They also reminise about old time hockey in Regina and the impact of NHL players on Canadian towns while enjoying the coverage from Nelson to Tigsnit.

Download Canucks Outsider podcast episode #47 (23:30, 22MB, .mp3)

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Music snippets from:

“New Years” from “Citrus” by Asobi Seksu
Friendly Fire Recordings Buy at iTunes Music Store

Randy Bachman Band “Prairie Town” (from live on KISW)

Oh Canada – recorded by DaveO at:

  • Dalai Lama citizenship ceremony, GM Place, singer unknown, Summer 2006
  • Canucks vs. Buffalo, GM Place 2005(?), Richard Loney (rules)
  • Governor General official visit, Oslo Olympic flag ceremony, Vancouver City Hall, March 2006

The Riggers and Engineers atop BC Place….

documenting the domelessness
Originally uploaded by Uncleweed.

I spotted these dudes last saturday (the day after the big deflation) high atop of the dome rim checking out the damage and no doubt brewing up a plan of action to fix the rip and reinflate.

Despite nonsensical rantings, they are NOT going to blow the stadium up and build a new one – heh – they even fixed up the New Orleans Superdome after much more damage both inside and outside (remember people were living in the there without plumbing and electricity – yuch).

Nor can they really make this into an open air stadium (too much rain, and no reall drainage system inside. Sounds like two panels will need replacing but hopefully the whole roof with get a clean up and freshening to keep on domeing through 2010 and beyond.

Vancouver view of False Creek and deflated BC Place dome

On January 5, 2007 Vancouver, BC’s domed stadium suffered weather and operational error resulting in an unplanned deflation of the giant dome.

I recall when the stadium was opened in 1983 and many 747 engine were required to inflate the dome and airlock doors keep the pressure adequate to maintain the structure.

This simply captures a 360 degree view of the city scape of north east false creek during this unique situation.

Creative Commons – Remix with attribution


bev. davies’ 144 Punk Rock photographs at Gem Gallery – exhibit poster (2007)

my photo show 2007
bev. davies’ 144 Punk Rock photographs at Gem Gallery – exhibit poster (2007)

Festive Night at the Giants – Canucks Outsider #46

At the Pacific Coliseum to see the Vancouver Giants vs the Everett Silvertips duing the festive season, Dave enjoys some wine in a box seat and reminices with Mark about Canucks games past, prospecting prospects, win versus Flames, teddy bear toss while enjoying some Vince Guaraldi, Dean Martin, and JFA.

Download Canucks Outsider podcast episode #46 (40:11, 37MB, .mp3)

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Canucks outsider festive night at the giants

Team Canada scores! World Juniors 2006 vs Norway at Pacific Coliseum

Panning the celebratory crows at a IIHF World Junior Hockey Tournament game – Canada vs. Norway

Morning rainy trip from the North Shore

Observation …

Thick pineapple rain whipping
winds twisting leaves
and homeless blankets
wet while walking past
yellow in fleeting glances
holding breath for quarantine
peeking though humid windows

Thinking about …

Pinochet dying (Guardian Unlimited special report “From Tyrant to Arrest and Indictment”) – sometimes the evil ones live so long, 91 – so much blood on his hands (rumours of stadiums full of communist disappeared)and years of process means a lack of reasonable resolution and restitution

(Underrated hockey great) Bob Gainey’s daughter Laura swept off a ship – search continues … lo, the price of adventure (coulda been me or you) peace

Listening to …

Bicycle mark in Ljubljana, Slovenia on Austro-Hungarian empire and the historical role of the Balkans in creating war

BBC Iraq, squandered billions in reconstruction and lost opportunities, Saddam’s personal history, Afghanistan’s (un)reinvention process

Rick Steves in Prague, Slovenia, and former East Germany via podcast (Rick Steves’ podcast feed) talking philosophy and faux pas with Bernard-Henri Levy

Black Angels – Sniper at the gates of dawn (drone machine, psychedelic indie rock from Indiefeed (itunes) and/or KEXPin-studio RSS)

In the works …

Choogle on with Uncle Weed International Mail round up from a windy porch recorded and in production, Blazin’ in Japan on deck – music encoded, a few pieces to gather before production

Canucks Outsider – new episode (Canucks game day vs. Whalers/Hurricanes) and a few site upgrades (thanks Bread)

Postcards from Gravelly Beach – part 2 of the Jack Kerouac poetry stroll nears completion – more choruses from San Francisco blues while walking down the Mission – one more part after that and then onto Remembrance Day peace and war collection

Nice Bike!

Nice Bike!

Originally uploaded by Erich Harvey.

Frosty bike in slushy Vancouver. I am feeling like Dr. Zhivago heading to work in heavy leather and wool coat, cap with ear flaps down, muffler and mitts and the critical snow boots for wading through slush and trodding over ice.

Long and Perilous Journey – Canucks Outsider #44

In the 2nd intermission versus the Blue Jackets, Dave talks about seeing the Blackhawks game with Karl from Winnipeg on Grey Cup Sunday.  Plus wins vs. Detroit, and drinkin’ to forget the losses to Preds and Avs .

Moreover, an invite to Dave Nonis (former Cap’n of the Maine Black Bears) to chat over a beverage at the Queen’s Cross and thoughts on the teams’ ails,.

Finally, a thrilling opportunity to come on the show!  Just give me 2 free tickets to the games vs. Canes, Thrashers or Lightning ;-)) and a few other gift giving ideas for a diligent podcaster.

Canucks Outsider #44 (25:07, 23.1MB, .mp3)

we are all canucks

Fine tunes by Silversun Pick-ups “Well Thought out Twinkles” from KEXP’s Song of the Day podcast, “Drinkin'” by the defunct Frequency db – check out Mastan Music hour podcast with Sam Densmore (and Jeremy Wilson), now of Silverhawk with John C. Densmore, and Bread the proucer with some grooves.