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More Tragic Hipness

Amigo Bread posted his snaps from the Vancouver Nov. 7th Tragically Hip show up to Flickr including some great shots of the band and the “atmosphere” inside and outside the venue. Make sure to see TTH Pool too.

Gord Downie bringing it for the Tragically Hip in vancouver
Here’s poetic singer Gord Downie vamping and working it like a workingman’s mix of Michael Stipe, Freddie Mercury and Martin Gelinas (plus a tiny bit of Leonard Cohen) as he talks (indeed occassionally argues) with his mic stand and the band rolls their eyes as he forgets/makes up lyrics.

Tragically Hip setlist
Setlists – Originally uploaded by radiobread

Busker playing the Hip
This busker was tearing into a Hip tune out front –
nice and loudly through a little amp (I recorded snippet for Choogle on podcast)

Vancouver Sculpture Bienelle

Vancouver is hosting a collection of world-class public outdoor sculpture for a period of time. All the details are at: http://www.vancouverbiennale.com/

Art and photography enthusiasts may consider contributing to the Flickr Vancouver Bienelle Group which is also a contest of sorts as you may win a nice lil prize for your efforts.

My snaps are tagged and stashed on Flickr but here’s a few samplers:


Home At Last plus Dallas and Russian Stars – Canucks Outsider #42

As the Canucks return from an epic Central/Pacific division roadtrip and prepare to face the Capitals at home with new giant scoreclock, Dave and Mark the Motivational Speaker discuss the first few weeks of the season including evident heart, grit and confidence.

Canucks Outsider #42 (.mp3, 28:48, 26.4MB)

Canucks Practice Jersey for sale

More topics include Stars from Dallas (i.e. Turco, Morrow) and Russia (i.e. Ovechkin and Malkin) and weighted schedule woes, Buffalo heroics, halloween worthy hockey uniforms, Nashville preview, Mitchell’s injury, Team 1040 radioprops and request for FM simulcast.


Canucks Outsider on Team 1040 website

The Canuck’s flaship radio station, Team 1040, has demonstrated excellent taste and wise acumen by linking to HockeyNW’s Canucks Outsider podcast mixed in with all the fancy schmancy major media outlets.

Next i hope to talk them into an FM silumcast and maybe AM repeaters in the Cassiar and Massey tunnels.

Cheers guys!  I enjoy the interviews with Shorty and Nonis in particular.

Team 1040 promoting the Canucks Outsider


Beating the Blues and More from the Tavern – Canucks Outsider #41

Just after the dramatic OT win versus the Blues, DaveO catches up on a few recent games – and gives the low-down on the show for the benefit of new subscribers – while breaking down the clutch heroics. Plus more banter from Dan Funboy and Buddy Lance at the infamous Eastside Club tavern in Olympia, Washington.

Canucks Outsider #41 (30:43, 28MB .mp3)

Canucks at the rink
Photo by Iwona Kellie

Topics include Crazy Canucks podcast, Linden’s benching, too much Oilers, Naslund’s heart and Salo’s wrister with Dan Funboy and Buddy Lance plus talk about a few key ‘Nucks and browse around the league while some reggae tunes flow behind.


Numbskulz – Snippet from “Darkside of You”

Download “New Years” (mp3) from “Citrus” by Asobi Seksu
Friendly Fire Recordings Buy at iTunes Music Store

Bill Janovitz – “Up Stonesy Thing”


DOA’s Classic collection “Bloodied But Unbowed” Re-released Today

DOA frontman Joey Shithead Keithley’s record label Sudden Death is re-releasing the seminal collection of kick-ass punk today. DOA's bloodied but unbowed I’ll be picking one up for sure though i’ve owed the vinyl and CD before but both are MIA – lent to some friends, somewhere – rock on, enjoyed i hope.

DOA at NY Theater

Along with The Clash and The Ramones, DOA showed that you could write good songs, which rocked and had something to say.

I was 13-ish when i first heard them as a frustrated kid in the suburbs and over the next several years saw them many times. Often taking the bus to way out venues and street-hiking long distances after the last bus to the burbs had rolled.

When they played Bumper’s, an all-ages venue in Surrey – i got to chat with them and they treated me like one of them, not some fan kid in specs and a mac jacket.

In those days, i collected their vinyl like holy artifacts – from the toe-tagged 7″ to the General Strike John Peel Sessions 12″ EP (the best ever). Even the uhh… not so good albums as they sorted through a few line changes – but there was always something that mattered on every disc. Gregg, Goble (Sunnyboy Roy), Dimwit, Biscuits, many more … all through the revolving door.

DOA Spores AOT in Surrey fro pUnk History Canada Years later, i hung out with Joe on the set of a music video he was making with Randy Bachman – some goofy thing with scaffolding and searchlights and safety vest and hardhats. I saw him then as a sharp-as-a-tack professional who remembered everything and worked efficiently so he could get on to other things – “there’s shit to get done man.”

He bantered with me about some rock and roll reminicenses – dingy clubs he’d played in Germany where i been tagging along with the Bad Yodellers on a tour and saw Gwar amongst jack-booted, German acid-heads and he wondered what new bands i was listening to.

DOA by Bev Davies
Photo by Bev Davies

Again, years later in Olympia, Joe got me up on stage at the 4th ave Tav to sing Taking Care of Business in my Canucks jersey – yup i rocked it too. The band and crew came to watch the game on the replay tv (Canucks lost to Avs in Game one of playoffs on a controversial offsides non-call by Chris Drury IIRC).hockey lounge

In the Hockey Lounge, we drank kegged beer and then moved to Kokanee or Canadian cans while gravelly voice Randy Rampage drank Scotch from the bottle and told rock n’ roll stories from Japan and Joe broke down the hockey game with focused concern.

They made lovely houseguests (maybe i should keep this a secret) … they even folded their towels and tidied up before leaving (thanks).   BTW, As i talked about on a Clubside Breakfast Time episode, i ended up meeting the roadie’s brother in Granada, Spain and having a good laugh about the coincidence as i crashed at his place.

Sure they can play their instruments decent but the passion and vigor is more important to their stew. Virtuosity is often overrated when the songs are good enough to carry the day – tough as East Hastings concrete but with a (shock) melody and a structure under the noise.

But as much as the rock rocks, the social messages are what gives their music soul … Not overt but strongly worded, no subtley here but not preachy either ~~ global trade, environment, voting, nuclear proliferation, music theory (disco sucks) ~~ all sacred cows are all up for hitting with the bulldozer.

If the message don’t open yer mind, the fuzz will lever it open like a greasy tire iron prying off a hubcap.  What i think he’s saying is … whatever decision you come up with is probably OK as long as you aren’t harming anyone innocent, you got a reason to do it and you actually do something about it.

The lyrical breadth (big words for punk rock but deal with it) is recently more evident as i’ve mined the DOA catalog for snippets to use on podcasts and most any controversial topic is dissected and set to loud guitar.

My old t-shirt spells out the root of the DOA mantra: Talk-Action=Zero.

This past year has been a busy one for Joe and the gang, films, tours, a more tasty reflective seasoning sprinkled from this era of Vancouver hardcore – read Suddendeath for current chronicles and don’t forget that the legendary Bev Davies has a photo calendar too. Punk History Canada is a trove of documentation – if you got any olden punk stuff, scan it, send it, no excuses ya hear.

Roadtrip Continues from the Tavern – Canucks Outsider #40

DaveO’s season kick-off roadtrip continues with Dan Funboy driving the bus at a busy tavern in Olympia, Washington.  Along with Buddy Lance and a noisy jukebox, they offer analysis of most every Canuck player and breakdown the first two wins vs. Detroit and Columbus.

Canucks Outsider #40 (31:08, .mp3)

Dan Funboy and Buddy Lance – Canucks and beverage enthusiasts


Season Kick-off Roadtrip, Northside – Canucks Outsider #39

Season Kickoff Roadtrip Part 1, Northside.  One and a third games into the young season, Dave Thorvald harnesses the choatic fury of Mark the Motivational Speaker and Greg the Unstable German to disect Vancouver fans, Trevor Linden’s career and lawsuit, Penguins homebase, marketing the league’s players, US TV coverage, local media hacks plus the usual assortment of daring predictions and witty banter.

Canucks Outsider #39 (30:04, .mp3)

Canucks flying high


Matt Cooke, Soon to be a Canucks Outsider subscriber?

Matt “The Pressure Cooker” Cooke was shilling Vancouver Suns outfront the Seabus Station at Lonsdale Quay.  The fascist minimum wage Sun employee wouldn’t let Cooker give me newspaper he signed for me unless i coughed up a donation (i refused to pay for their pablum – plus i had NOT a penny of cash).  Apparently it is all a ruse to encourage kids to read (well at least they aren’t teaching kids to read Tony Gallagher).

Matt Cooke wants you to read

Matt grinned for a snapshot on my high-end camera phone (the finest VGA going) and I (admitedly somewhat awkwardly) told him about the podcast.  “The Canucks Outsider, It’s about the Canucks on the other side of the glass sorta – what’s its like to be a fan – beers, expensive tickets, history, new guys whatever …”

As I headed off to my ferry boat, he asked again, “Canucks Outsider, right?”

“Yup, Look it up,” I replied, “and Cooker, … be careful in practice eh.”

Might as well subscribe Matt – It’s free so jump on in, the water’s fine!


Pre-season Prognostication from the Park – Canucks Outsider #38

With the 2006-07 season looming, Canucks Outsider host Dave Thorvald checks in with Mark the Motivational Speaker.

Canucks Outsider #38 (28:40, .mp3)

Canucks Outsider #39From a park bench in view of the Garage and mischievous dogs, they offer a quick and sloppy off-season wrap-up, random preseason predilections and studious regular season prognostication as well as highly speculative playoff hunches.  Besides getting to know the many new Canucks, they discuss topics from Coach Glen Hanlon to the art of face-offs to GM Garth Snow.