Longboard Hockey Article in Heads Magazine

New article on Coast LongboardingsLongboard hockey league action in Heads magazine by me (Dave Thorvald Olson) and photos by Kris Krug (kriskrug.comstaticphotography.comflick.com/photos/kk/) – available as subscribe-able, ecological-responsible .pdf from Headsmagazine.com. Podcast coming soon on the Choogleon feed.

Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine

Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine
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Heads magazine‘s Skate/Surf issue included my “Headtrip” article “The First Rule of Longboard Hockey is …” about the renegade crew of longboard hockey players playing hardcore style in Vancouver. Heads is now available as .pdf (save the trees eh) loaded with rich media including my embedded video clips along with KK’s tasty snaps.
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Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine


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