Brokedown VW Trip

When the firemen drove away
After telling you the van is on fire
You briefly considered yelling
But instead extinguished the pyre

Stuck in snow in Oregon
Beyond the mountain pass
Flipped over diesels and black eyes
And you’re out of gas

Plugged into power
At a local church
Just trying to stay warm
but woken up by seminarians
when you don’t mean any harm

Just trying to get to one pole
Or maybe it’s another
Regardless of your fortitude
You spend Christmas in Idaho
Because of ice and snow

Weather what would a wise man do
You consider at a Denny’s
While adding all the cream and sugar to a coffee
The waitress glares at you heavy

I’ll give you 45 minutes she says
Her hips as wide as a plow
So instead you curled up like a Moroccan King
You’re in a not-living nativity scene
Outside of the tabernacle

If you’re telling me I’m burning
You are to lend a hand
Sure I ain’t your kinfolk
But I’m stranded broken freezing
In a breezy van

You’ll need my help one day I say
And maybe I’ll show up
As long as I don’t miss my supper
And can find the keys to my truck

Whatcha think?