How Shall We Fill This Vessel?

At Last!
The briny
(yet oddly palatable in its own way)
Tension of distance and absence
Of magnetic melancholy
Has remanded to a forgotten horizon
Now an archived newly ancient memory

Now, all is deliciously possible
A present to savor
A history to grow
A future to whittle
To any possible shape

How shall we fill this vessel?

Devoid of cynicism
And unnecessary ego
Jealousy or restraint
With rambunctious affection
In all possible forms
To manifest and articulate
Unabashed tactile Love?

Shall we fill with endless notes
Of spontaneous jazz and
DIstant gazes from close range?
Slow dances to quick songs
Languid mornings following
Smoldering nights?
Celebration of the commonplace
Anticipation of usual happenstance?
Easy banter about nuanced topics
On jungle verandahs and beachside gazebos
Replete with warm drinks
And cool touch?

With fond hellos and
Infrequent goodbyes
As I seek nowhere to go
Desire no escape
In darkness and rain
All my yearning were sent away

My marrow and soul
Now have a purpose, a place
A place to dwell
With you, always
As together we fill
This vessel

Whatcha think?