Uncle Weed’s Redrock Adventure – a storybook (part 21)

Uncle Weed's Redrock Adventure – part 21

“He looks like the lady in the Sound of Music,” laughed Bob and Otto perched up on a hill, watching as Uncle Weed danced around a field.

He was spinning and whirling and every few feet, he pulled a stick with orange tape on top out of the ground and tossed it far off into the darkness.

“What’s he doing?” the kids wondered. He looked goofy whatever he was doing so they laughed quietly some more.

As Uncle Weed came closer, the words became more clear:

Stealing survey stakes,
on a Friday night
stealing survey stakes,
by candlelight
you better not get caught
you’ll be thrown in an institution
they’ll give crazy shots
then a long conviction.
Someone’s got to do it
to prevent the mass destruction
of Earth’s private property
from wholesale degradation!

“Survey stakes! He’s yanking those wooden things, you know, the ones with the orange on top!” said Bob.

“What’s wrong with those? Are they dumb? Is this something to do with the concrete dam and waving neon cowboy ya think?” asked Otto.

“I guess, we should ask.” answered Bob curiously, “There must be an explanation.”

Whatcha think?