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Most Influential BC-ers: Nobody said democracy *always* works

Joe Shithead and Bev Davies

The Vancouver Sun conducted a multi-tiered survey to vote for the most influential BC residents ever. The end results are skewed to people how have active constituencies who’ll get out the vote – and that’s all right with me.

The results include an eclectic list of artists, renegades, rebels, world-changers and mudrackers which reminds me why i am pleased to live here.

Way to go Joe of DOA (a personal hero) who truly rallied his gangs of reprobates to actually participate in the campaign – apparently a tactic the Sun had failed to consider ;-) instead it seems hoping that normal poltical voting apathy would cross over to this effort.

Here’s what Paul Bucci  (deputy managing editor) cobbled together to (somewhat begrudgingly) announce the accolade:

According to voters, the most influential British Columbian is musician, Joey Keithley, lead singer of the punk rock band DOA.

And while that is interesting, does it truly represent the province’s most influential citizen, greater than, say, Terry Fox or Emily Carr or W.A.C. Bennett, to name just a few? The results aroused our curiosity, and we found that Sudden Death Record’s web site included a link to our voting form and urged Keithley fans to “vote once, vote often.”

How often? Well, out of 2,912 votes cast for Keithley, some 1,268 votes were from IP addresses that registered multiple votes. In fact, one single IP address alone recorded 843 votes for Keithley. So here is our list, warts and all.

What does it say about us? It says we like musicians, truly heroic people like Terry Fox, environmentalists, entertainers, athletes and iconoclasts.

Here’s the full Top 10 List:

1. Joey Keithley

Bev Davies' 144 Punk Rock Photos 1979-1984

2. Terry Fox

3, David Suzuki

4. Michael J. Fox

5. Ross Rebagliati

ross regbliatti at 2002 olympics

6. Emily Carr

7. Rick Hansen

8. Peter ‘Dr. Peter’ Jepson-Young

9. Joni Mitchell

10. Marc Emery

Marc Emery awaits extradition to the USA

See all 219 vote-getters (including notables like Randy Bachman, WAC Bennet, Pam Andersen, Steve Nash, Cap’n Vancouver, Trevor Linden, Bryan Adams, Sarah Maclachlan, Douglas Coupland (not Copeland as printed), etc….)

My pal Jeff’s festive beer cellar list…

Anderson Valley — Boont Amber Ale
Brouwerij Verhaeghe — Duchesse DeBourgogne
Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat — Duvel
Dogfish Head — Worldwide Stout
Dogfish Head — 90 Min IPA
Deschutes — Black Butte Porter
Deschutes — Obsidian Stout
Deschutes — Inversion IPA
Deschutes — Jubelale
Deschutes — The Abyss 2010
Great Divide — Yeti Imperial Stout
Hair of the Dog — Fred
Hair of the Dog — Adam
Hair of the Dog — Doggie Claws 2010
Innis & Gunn — Oak Aged Beer
Lagunitas — Brown Shugga
Lindemans — Cuvée René Gueuze
Lompoc Brewing — C Note IPA
New Belgium — Ranger IPA
Ninkasi — Total Domination IPA
Ninkasi — Believer Double Red Ale
Ninkasi — Oatis Oatmeal Stout
Ninkasi — Sleighr Dark Double Alt
Rogue — Hazelnut Brown
Trappistes Rochefort — 10
Turning Point Brewing — Stanley Park Amber
Victory — Prima Pils
Widmer — Brrr Winter Ale
Widmer — Hefeweizen

…thinking of places that act like portals of creative energy. …

So, I was thinking of places that act like portals of creative energy. Paris @ the early 20th century. New York in the 30’s. SF in the late 40’s early 50’s… Whats? and Ifs? when you go to The Purple Thistle you are driving the bus even though you may never live to see all the destinations. Just sayin’.

p.s. I don’t believe in magic, just buses.

Danie Peace

Remembrance Day at UBC

At UBC Remembrance Day ceremony – a bit too much bible for me but love bagpipers! I also remember resisters, underground fighters, peaceniks & civilians

Lighting a fire to surprise sweetie > you what comes next of course … That’s right … board games

…bagpiper on location…

There’s a bagpiper on location! I luv the mighty tones of a piper – perhaps sending healing message to @theunabonger

…somethings brewing here at the park…

Hmmm somethings brewing here at the park – rowdies showing up in wigs, bagpiper & tokers in the parking lot – things are looking up

Bev Davies in Discorder – Play it Loud

Bev Davies in Discorder – Play it Loud

The Buzzer blog » Guest post: Vancouver Transit and Art

The Buzzer blog » Guest post: Vancouver Transit and Art

reading, drinking, listening…

Reading Tin Tin in the Land of the Soviets, drinking Bowen Island beer, listening to CBC radio 2, roasting a bowl