Analysis from an Oilers fan … (belatedly posted but enjoyable nevertheless since the Nucks had just waxed the Oil)

Dear Canucks Outsider,

I wasn’t able to call from the game, but I thought typing a brief recap of the tonight’s live game.

In my educated, first-hand opinion, I submit that the only two things that impeded Edmonton tonight were offense and defense.  If they would have added those two components to their game, they would have closed the door on your precious Canucks.

I thought that the Oilers showed off the spirit of giving that largely resides among the residents of Alberta by freely giving the puck away to the Canucks time and time again.  The goalie was kind enough to allow the Canucks offense to enjoy free reign on the back of his net, to boot.  In fact, he stepped aside multiple times to watch the shots sail in.  Fortunately, he was able to get his defensive cohorts on-side with the theme of “give them every chance possible”; and they refrained from hitting, brushing, or simply acting unseasonly towards the Canucks.  Any fights you saw were figments of your imagination, just like the two roughing calls against the Oilers in the third, which I am convinced the refs conjured in their minds because, you know, Canucks needed those extra power plays.

In the beginning moments of the second period, following the Canucks’ second goal, I began rehearsing my brush-off story (how I’d explain this one without looking like a dufus for liking the Oilers); but by the end, I felt like I couldn’t avoid looking like a dufus for liking the Oilers after this game.  Oh well . . .

My team lost.  They have now lost three in a row, while your team won their third in a row.  Based on the number of goals in the last week, one may even conclude that the Canucks have learned how to score.  Who’d have thunk that would happen this season!?!  Next thing you know, they’ll score as many as the offensive powerhouse Phoenix (8-0 over San Jose)!

As I write this I’m sort of stalling before I come to a conclusion in hopes that I can come up with my aforementioned brush-off story.  However, on this very night, based on that three-stooges performance, I am a dufus for liking the Oilers instead of the Canucks.  You know, the Oilers, right?  Yeah, the ones that made the playoffs last year and went to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final while the Canucks were sitting around, trimming their pretty goatees, talking about how they could only beat the Oilers once last year.

Not a sore loser,
Reliable Jim


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