Matt Cooke, Soon to be a Canucks Outsider subscriber?

Matt “The Pressure Cooker” Cooke was shilling Vancouver Suns outfront the Seabus Station at Lonsdale Quay.  The fascist minimum wage Sun employee wouldn’t let Cooker give me newspaper he signed for me unless i coughed up a donation (i refused to pay for their pablum – plus i had NOT a penny of cash).  Apparently it is all a ruse to encourage kids to read (well at least they aren’t teaching kids to read Tony Gallagher).

Matt Cooke wants you to read

Matt grinned for a snapshot on my high-end camera phone (the finest VGA going) and I (admitedly somewhat awkwardly) told him about the podcast.  “The Canucks Outsider, It’s about the Canucks on the other side of the glass sorta – what’s its like to be a fan – beers, expensive tickets, history, new guys whatever …”

As I headed off to my ferry boat, he asked again, “Canucks Outsider, right?”

“Yup, Look it up,” I replied, “and Cooker, … be careful in practice eh.”

Might as well subscribe Matt – It’s free so jump on in, the water’s fine!


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